Change brings opportunity


7631076586_0af27868a1On Saturday night, everyone was enjoying but I was studying, I didn’t sleep whole night as I was preparing for my Bank exam ie was on Sunday. I reached my exam centre which was at Bandra east,   20 minutes before time.I was nervous and thinking how would be the paper.  I got the paper and it turned out to be difficult one for me. I came out dejected and waited at bus stop to return home. I took another bus that had different route rather than my usual one. I got corner seat  and I started listening to music on my mobile. After sometime, the bus was full, people were in standees, an old man entered the bus from front and was standing by support of the handle that caught my attention and I smiled at him and offered him a seat. The Old man was overwhelmed by my gesture and gave a pat on my back and told me “My Son, you are generous person, I liked your attitude,It reminds me of myself when I was young and would be kind to others” Those words really touched my heart and It was like blessing in disguise for me as my day started on bad note and ended up meeting and learning something new.

At the end of the day, I changed my usual route and took different route (although the bus took 15 mins more than my normal bus route) and got an opportunity to meet such wonderful person that made my day. I think Small changes in your life just like I did by changing route and so on will give you an opportunity to meet new person, explore new areas and like this small changes in your life will bring wonders for you. It was worth enjoying the ride.


  1. Yes indeed 🙂 We all need a change, a change that you never know if it would turn good or bad, but it is what you need to do to inhale new breath in your life that brings you a new perspective and the passion to go on with your life. Cheers.