Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed- there is so little competition- Elbert Hubbard



As rightly said by Elbert Hubbard (American writer). My day started as usual getting ready for the office. I reached office late by 20 minutes as I missed my bus. Soon I reached office and settled at my desk. I received email of “Magic of 9” week various competition to be held over the weekend. I decided to take part in “clicks and frames “contest and was ambivalent to take part in “salad fiesta” The clicks and frames contest was really good I showcased landscapes , monsoon rains in Mumbai , Taj hotels after 26/11 attack as the theme was “Mumbai unplugged” other participants showed varied life of Mumbai covering historical monuments , dark sight of Mumbai,landscapes , festivals and events etc etc. However I didn’t win but was satisfied with it.My second competition “Salad Fiesta” was on Wednesday before coming to that.





  I never thought I would participate. Last day to send the nomination was on or before 1st oct,2013 Many thoughts came in my mind- “Should I back out ,You’re not going to make it, it’s too difficult, you can’t do that, don’t enter this competition, you’ll never win it “Finally I sent my nomination in the night before closing hour. The D-day arrived and I reached the venue, I was bit nervous when I saw I was the only individual participant in the competition rest all were in group and 2 and more. I was only male participant that made me tense. My friend, Aveek was there to support me and then two of my other friends, Nitesh and Akshay came to give me strength and support, after seeing them felt nice. Then the HR told 60 minutes time you will get to complete it. My hands were shivering and was feeling jittery. I started it peeling the tomato and my friend Nitesh told me “be calm and do it slowly, don’t be in a hurry you have time to finish it”. I felt composed and somehow I completed my two dishes on time. I made floral decoration consisting of tomato rose, cucumber rose, lotus onion flower and outer ring covered by raddish & carrot rolls finishing. Other dish I made was Apple Swan and Banana Bird. While HR told all of us to sit at your place and judges have arrived. One of the judges asked me” is this all you have made it here?” I replied “yes I made it here only “and other judge asked me “have you taken any training course for this” I said “no it’s my first time and I learnt from internet and tips from my mother and sister. “ After judging all the participants dishes, final judgment was announced and I was declared Runner up .It was a tie- between me and other group 3 capsi. I learnt many things from this competition is Never feel dejected or Loose hope and don’t think that’s not your cup of tea. If you try and try, you can be expert and outclass your competitor no matter how great he is.
It was joyous moment for me and I would cherish this moment all my life.