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One thing comes to your mind when you hear about mobile : “Smart phone is in “

It’s a  technology driven market . Smartphones have changed the trend where Android rules the market followed by  Apple Ios, Windows etc. It has made life easier and fast paced where you can access everything on the go.  Choosing the smartphone is not a big deal but to find the right phone for you that suits your needs is important.

Experience of Monish Chandan at Unvercell

However I came across one such unique experience of Univercell  in association with Indiblogger. You can log in http://www.univercell.in

Before I give you insights of my experience, I would like to say   it was idea of Mr.D.Sathish Babu  who  founded Univercell in the year 1997 . Its “ One-stop shop for all your mobile necessity.

I had visualized it would be like same other mobile retailers shop across the city selling mobile phones, but  I was wrong Univercell store is one of its kind mobile shop . What makes It different from others is their concept and experienced staff. I was lucky to interact with Ms.Soumya Menon, V.P Brand Startegy  at Univercell . Having worked in mobile industry , she gaves us insight and sneak peak into their ‘Touch feel Concept’  and ‘Feature to Benefit’  where customers don’t buy just phone but they sell the handset according to the use and need of the customer thanks to their knowledgeable and trained staff.

They have categorized  such has

  1. Music
  2. Tech-sperience,
  3. Work & play,
  4. Tablet Zone,
  5. Bazaar Area, ,
  6. Personalized service.

All the sections are placed well and designs are appealing

In each section Like Music ; You will find best in class music accessories, headsets ,bluetooth speakers, to enhance your music experience.

There are trained salesperson to guide you which is the best suitable for you

Unvercell Store

In Bazaar area : Its the  mid section of the store where in you will find all running models which checklist that summarises the main features of the phone so you dont need to unnecessarily trouble the sales guy.


In Work & play – you will find phones  for business suites and for graphic games and supported accessories that can zest up your smartphones. There wide range of accessories from storage to covers etc

Unvercell Music Zone

In Tablet zone – It is strategically located one corner.It has got wide range of tablets and also  they have made seating arrangement so that you can feel, and enjoy the games.Kids wont get bored at this section.

Unvercell Tablet Zone

The best part of all this section is you get accessories of the handset there which is not available in other stores. Their trained staff is there to help you to find the right smartphone for you.

You wil be surprised to note there is no price tag in any of the handsets. The main reason is normally customers come and just walk away after checking the price. but here you ask the price to sales person and he is there to help you get that with providing you best offer and finance plans so that you dont go disappointed.

Also they have checkup list under all handsets, you can go through the list that summarises  features of the phone.

Other services includes total insurance plan,easy financing options, membership plans, loyalty points,upto 100% cash back offer.. 

Unvercell Services

Overall it was an unique experience to review the store. It has more than 450 outlets in South and in Mumbai they have 10 outlets and plans to expand soon.


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