Product Review- Scribble your Heart with MatrikaS


When the door bell rang, I was sleeping in my bed. Mom shouted me ” There’s some pack for you” .I woke up with one eye open, feeling sleepy.At first i thought it would be my CC bill. but surprised to found 3 dairies. oh yeah i remembered now its from MatrikaS .

While i started to scribble the books, having a cup of cappuccino, I liked their packing and colors. before i start reviewing i would say short about MatrikaS -MatrikaS refreshing range of products includes Notebooks, Journals, Diaries and high quality book making services.

Notebooks,Diaries 2015 ,Personality Journals-Gandhi, Vivekananda Etc.. Social Stationaries – CUBE WORKS Range,Panache Series – Corporates, Heal the Planet Series – Environmental

Mother Teresa Journal 


I fell in love with Mother Teresa Journal instantly. It give me sense of pride and at the same time it also states short biography of Mother Teresa. This Journal is useful to keep track of Important things,your action plan, In fact you can organize your schedule -Day & month wise. Also there is list optimization on bottom of the page so that you don’t forget it and do your pending work quickly. On bottom of the every page you have quotes of Mother Teresa which is sheer optimisim and spreading love, joy and happiness. “The person who gives with a smile is the best giver because God loves a cheerful giver”

Cube Works Privy


The Cube Works is basically the complete solution for your office & private desk. It give sylish look, very trendy.

Here you can maintain your accounts such as what all expenses you have incurred, payments done, payment mode, amount. Save your Contact list such as Name and Address of personal and office colleagues. There is To do lists page what all things you want to do like places to to be visited. Next is your Action plan. You can make your action plan date wise so that you can keep track of your actions. At the end of book, there is Safety pouch where you can keep your important notes or cards Last but not the least Index Page– List your activity and Page no. so that you need not waste your time finding the activity. The Bookmark elastic is of good quality and sturdy give you rich feel when you open it.

Heal the Planet- Note Book


Heal the planet is Eco- friendly ring book It can be recycled. It is robust yet looks resplendent. in brown color.The paper quality is supreme. One the first page is Personal Memoranda including your personal details, passport details, insurance policy, credit car info, important contacts Followed by Name & Address list,Books to be read, Places to be visited, Works to be accomplished section is added which is great for  smart goers. At the end you, there is safety pouch to keep notes and important documents safely.On the bottom of every page you will see great thinkers and writers famous quotes on Environment and related which is good way of promoting Eco-friendly nature. Mahatma Gandhi ” Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”

Note: This post is a part of “Scribble your heart away….” MatrikaS Campaign Product Review. Their range includes exquisitely designed and finished Diaries , Notebooks, Journals , Office stationery and Social stationery, Products that you would love as much to just hold on to as to flaunt. To know more abt the Brand “MatrikaS log in


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