Never lose hope -#StartANewLife


new-life-rasmussedFailures are the stepping stones to success. Most of us takes time to get over failure. Well I wouldn’t say failure is bad. You take it in a  positive way , analyze what’s wrong and I am sure you will overcome your failure. This is my story of #StartANewLife. I was working in Central Govt though from outside it looks like I have got my dream job and getting in Govt job is like considered a big thing especially in India. (You get respect, job security, last but not the least Marriage proposals lol)

Somehow I was not satisfied from my job may be due to work culture as u know how Govt babus work. And being slogged for 12 hrs a days in the past, I certainly found being sluggard is not my cup of tea. I don’t believe in motto “hardly working”, instead do your work smartly.  There I decided that I am gonna hunt and get job in next 6 months. First 1 month being very enthu,and optimistic I would give interviews hoping that it would click but to no avail. Next 3 months started applying to various job portals very seriously. Though I would get shortlisted for companies but would get kick ass in the final round. I said myself “Bro you are a fighter, you cant loose like that” Common you can do it.  Again giving GD, interviews, didn’t yield results. I seriously don’t know how many interviews I gave in that period.

tumblr_m5o2mkZrBE1rsj18oo1_500In the 6th month I lost hope I was depressed, felt I don’t have any quality to get a job..When mom opens the bedroom door, I somehow try to show I m okay. And have my food and go to my bed. I control those salty drops don’t fall from my eyes. I cursed God and nobody there’s to help me.I felt It was the end of my life. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. One sunny morning I received a call from one of biggest fortune 500 company. I was in half sleep, didn’t knew was it a dream or reality!. Let me pinch myself first. Yeah it’s real. And the lady on the phone told me you have been shortlisted for the job and come for the interview on Tuesday.  I was so happy and greeted everyone. Felt like I have got new birth. Finally I cleared all the rounds and got selected. I never knew this could happen I mean after so many interview what would you expect?

I would say this was #StartANewLife delightful beginning. I learnt one thing never lose hope in life. Always try no matter what the results are. One day you will succeed. Be it in job, education, exams, business, etc. I was wrong God has kept something good for me. Always believe in God. I felt so better and again the same energy, positive attitude, freshness in mind all got refueled. It was big change in my life and I am so happy and thrilled to share my story. Just like Big change to move forward in your life!

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