Happiness is the reflection of goodness



God gave humans wonderful gift to express your feelings and emo’s. They are the luckiest creatures I believe who has the ability to change the world if taken it in positive way. Let me tell you what’s the joy or happiness that brings smile to one’s face. A woman giving birth to a child has pain; she forgets when she sees the face of her baby that instantly bring joy and happiness to her. Those little things seem nothing but give immense pleasure like those meadows flowers. It’s those little things that are vital and make big difference to your life. Find those little things in day to day life that makes you smile. And as said by Humphry Davy “Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort”

Well what does happiness means to me? I am not worried about anything, I do act of selflessness and give respect, I have learnt from my mother to be selfless and touch the people’s heart in positive way. Helping old man cross the road gives me immense joy, when you travel by Bus, in a city like Mumbai, bus drivers job is so high pressure due to congested roads and traffic but nobody gives them the credit they deserve. I went ahead and appreciated his work and told him “Sir, You are safe driver and you are doing splendid job. He was so happy I could see from his eyes, and he told” we never gets such attention nor we want anything but thanks for such inspirational words you made my day” Those are small things but powerful that brings smile on someone’s face. The seed of compassion grows in your yard when you nourish the affection towards the people. I feel so happy when I see others smiling. During my NGO meet, I gave chocolates to the children’s, they were so happy when I entered there. That brought big smile on their face as somebody close to their heart came to say hello and ask about their wellbeing. I felt so good and had dance together like jumping jack, merry go round happier than ever.  Enjoy each and every moment of life.


Friends, there is nothing above happiness. Try to make one person smile each day. It’s all in your mind if you can’t do kind deed, think of kind thought you will treasure the happiness .Remember happiest people are those who are giving more. When you have zest of creating new things in life you will find happiness. A person is not rich by how much he earns, but by his virtue and kind attitude that makes him rich. Stop worrying about things that’s the only way to happiness.Also share your happy moments or stories that made you smile in my comments section. Waiting to hear from you

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