Accepted :Sharing the Load- #WashBucketChallenge


Well few days ago, I was scrolling my email and saw there’s challenge on Blogadda contest -Share the Load – #WashBucketChallenge. Initially i wasn’t keen on taking up. But then i thought why not accept it and gets some exercise done.I don’t take up challenge but this time it was something my heart told me yes and i felt that would create awareness on Gender equality in our society.


After 3 days i received my Ariel matic free sample from Blogadda. I had never operated Washing machine. Its just my mom, sis n maid would do all these years!. It was quite challenging task. I learnt the operation from my sis and got it started.Few clothes in the basket,tub full of water now added the Ariel Matic powder and the twist-spin started and my clothes were moving over and round each other and spins again. I cant believe now my twisted clothes are coming out ready to put in the dryer.


Now that my clothes are out from the dryer, refreshing and as if new baby coming out of the womb.Its really easy task i felt and i feel anybody can do it and share the load. Well let me tell you friends, the whole activity has made me Β think over and over again why do we say its women’s job. Are household chores only women’s job? The mindset of the society needs to be changed and sharing the load will not only promote gender equality but also encourage love for each other. Of course Overloading will lead to bad results,why not give a helping hand and share the load daily.Its daunting job but over period of time you will not be burden with it. Its gonna be routine task in household. I salute Airel for coming up with the Unique challenge to address the Inequality in our society and encouraging men to share the load.When you share the responsibility it will lead to happy household.You get sound sleep and twice the love and respect for each other.
I am nominating my friends – Aziz , Pavan, Raj, Bhavin, Apoorve to take up the Challenge.
Do share your personal experiences in my comments section. Would love to hear abt it.

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  1. How nice πŸ™‚ and I loved to see your mom’s comment πŸ™‚ feels very good when my mother comments on my posts too πŸ˜‰ Cheers