Mend your HP Laptop Batteries wisely


HP Laptop batteries are just like human beings they eventually die in the end. But if you handle with care it can last longer. These days Laptop has become integral part of our lifestyle. I start my office work on the go. I had a bad experience of my battery being not lasting more than 3 hrs at a stretch.


Having lesson learned, I will share my experience of long lasting battery life that would be helpful to you in future. I am using my laptop since my college days, so it’s been for 4 years, working smoothly. The Lithium-ion battery as used in most laptops has 1.5-2 years useful life. The Lithium technology is made up of many smaller cells. These are charged at one time until the battery reaches full capacity.

There is usually common issue faced by everyone regarding the batteries are

  1. My Battery charge never reaches 100 %
  2. My battery becomes very hot
  3. My battery lasts just 10 mins, it doesn’t last as long as it used to

I would suggest use Power management wisely, it’s an effective tool that can save your laptop battery and increase the battery life.

Source - Screenshot of Power Management
Source – Screenshot of Power Management

1.)   Optimize Power options (Power Saver) can help you maximize battery performance and conserve energy.

2.)   If you are using continuously, the battery will die very soon. Laptops have option to dim your screen so that you can squeeze out some extra juice out of the battery.

3.)   Remove external devices if they are plugged in and not in use as most of them time USB devices like pen drive, mouse etc. and Wifi.If you forget to remove it and it will totally drain down your battery to zero. Also, avoid charging other devices like mobiles, iPod from your laptop, it wipes out the battery too.

4.)   Once I forgot my DVD in the drive. Make sure you don’t keep one in the drive as it consumes power. They spin every time you restart your PC and it takes power even if you are not using it.

5.)   When you are not using your laptop, keep it on hibernate. It will save a lot of power.

I usually stick to above power management tricks that will give my battery life a breather to survive and I get my work done pretty fast. I would like to know your experience as well. Share them with me in my comments section.


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