DELL Laptops for Advanced Users

dell laptops
Dell Laptop Reviews for Advanced Users

None of us are unaware of Dell, the most reliable and secure brand for laptops and PC’s.

The three series for laptops- Inspiron,  Xps and Alienware are perfect for you if you are looking for office use, personal use and for gaming purpose respectively. Dell Laptops are amazingly user-friendly, especially for advanced users.

HD clarity on the big screen will get you going. The non-touch screen of inspiron-true life, HD or the 12.5 LED backlit touch display of Xpstruelife and FHD resolution, is very easy to the eyes. You can without any irritation/watering of your eyes and can use your Dell laptop very comfortably for 12-15hrs a day.

Battery life long lasting enough, you’ll never have to keep off your work coz you forgot your charger at home. Long weekends can now be spent away from home, with family without the hassle of carrying the charger anywhere.

Dell Laptop Reviews

Windows 8 OS is very user-friendly and enhances your experience. With Windows 8 you can keep your files in SkyDrive, where they’ll be automatically synced to the cloud for access from any internet-connected device.No more waiting. Intel® Smart Connect Technology automatically updates your email, contacts, social networks and favorite apps, even when your XPS 12 is in sleep mode.

The built-in media card reader makes it easy to transfer videos and photos from your camera while USB 3.0 can transfer data up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 to external storage. The built-in full-size HDMI port allows you to plug into an external display to see your images and video on the big screen.

I have not even started about the new Dell Alienware, which gives you amplified graphics and real life rush. With the optional Intel® Core™ i7 processor for truly intense, full-voltage quad-core action, the Alienware 15 is equipped with up to 3.5 GHz of turbo power and a seamless gaming experience

All in all, Dell laptops is what you are looking for advanced usage, high speed, large enough storage capacity, easy connectivity, auto-update of data files to the net, so that you never lose any of your data ever, all of this with a friendly user interface.


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