SAB se Anokha Umbrella: World’s Largest Umbrella by SAB TV


In a city like Mumbai, particularly amid monsoon, you don’t anticipate that everything will be hunky-dory. When I saw an old lady looking bewildered standing in the street trying to catch a cab, I decided to help her out. She gave me her blessing and left. That’s when I thought to myself , does an umbrella imply togetherness . At the end of my article, you will think about it.

SAB TV World's largest umbrella
SAB se Anokha Umbrella

I came here to uncover  the world’s biggest Umbrella with 60ft in breadth. 2000 laborers smoldered the midnight oil and made this Iconic  Umbrella.  It is 30 ft tall Umbrella that can shelter  1000 individuals. Gentlemen do look at it this #SABseAnokhaUmbrella   which is at promenade zone, Carter street, Bandra.It connotes the soul of fellowship and elevates individuals to tag along under one rooftop where society is separated by class, races, religions and so forth. The zinger of SAB TV  finishes it exceptionally well – “Asli Mazaa sab ke saath aata hai”.

SAB TV World's largest umbrella Sabse Anokha Umbrella

SAB se Anokha Umbrella: World's Largest Umbrella BY SAB TV

SABseAnokhaUmbrella  was unveiled by Television actor, Manav Gohil  who plays the role of Yamraj in Yam Hain Hum on SAB TV. Sudeepa Singh, Playing Rani pari in Baalveer, Punit Talreja, who plays Hemant Ghotala in Badi Dooooor Se Aaye and Shruti Rawat, who plays Bhairavi in Badi Dooooor Se Aaye unveiled the SABseAnokhaUmbrella. The entire climate was jolting and fans were occupied with clicking photos of their most loved actors. I could see the energy and eager fans thundering to get a look of “Yamraj”. What’s more, Yam was excited to see Anokha Umbrella and told अद्भुत (heavenly).

SAB TV World's largest umbrella Sabse Anokha Umbrella

SAB TV brand message – “Asli Mazaa sab ke saath aata hai”  Exactly it advances unity and  sends the solid message to everybody to meet up under one Umbrella. We might not have everything in perfect order, but rather together we have it all.

Have a great weekend with your companions and appreciate the Anokha Umbrella. Bear in mind to watch SAB ke Anokhe Awards to be telecast on SAB TV on 31st July 2015 @ 9 p.m


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