Kolkata Callin’ hosts the much awaited ‘Kolkata Street Food Festival’ to mark Durga Pujo 2015


Kolkata Callin Street Food Festival 2015

Kolkata marks a poignant wisp of brilliance, pomp and gaiety during the Durga Pujo festival. It almost adorns the beauteous glow of a new bride during the festival. Kolkata Callin’ has brought to Mumbai – Kolkata’s rich culture by way of laying out a surfeit of delicious cuisines that are such an inextricable part of Kolkata’s heritage. KC’s food rings in the nostalgia of the fabric of this city in our customers’ hearts and minds through its delectable offerings. Now, Kolkata Callin’ is all set to celebrate Durga Pujo 2015 with most awaited Kolkata Street Food Festival from the 20th October to 31st October 2015.

The 10 days long celebration will feature the best in class ranging from the ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ show-stopper Phuchka to the heavenly likes of Papdi Chaat, Ghoogni, Doi Bora, Aloor Dom, Churmur, Rolls, Fish Finger, Chicken Chop and other street food that almost guard the bastions of Kolkata’s reputation of being the foodiest place in India. It’s not just a regular street food fest; this endeavour is going to be meticulously curated by experts like Mr.Subhash Das (fondly known as Benuda in Naktala, Kolkata where he has his renowned Phuchka hub which is about 25 years old and is frequented by the who’s who of the city). Connoisseurs like him have been around since time immemorial and are almost custodians to different kinds of cuisines.

Mr. Das, with his spectrum of experience,has pioneered a plethora of culinary events in Kolkata and Mumbai. He was instrumental in organising one of the most successful Street Food Festivals for the City Centre Kolkata in the year 2014 and early 2015. And now on the momentous occasion of Durga Pujo 2015, he will be with Kolkata Callin’ to cast his spell with the esteemed patrons of the enterprise.