Master Class : Ricotta Spinach Stuffed Tortellini Pasta on a Bed of Mushrooms


Life is a combination of magic and pasta. I was lucky enough to reserve my seat for a special culinary experience with Executive Sous Chef Ravish Mishra and Chef Rajeev Kumar and understand the secrets of cooking Italian cuisines at home as they reveal some of their best kept cooking secrets.

Chef Rajeev gave us insights on various types of cheese and preparation time of Ricotta cheese, mozarella cheese etc also spoke about the principal herbs used in cooking  ie. rosemary, sage,chives,parsley,basil etc

Today’s Master Class session we are going to make – Ricotta Spinach filled Tortellini pasta on the bed of mushrooms.

Serving Portion – 1

Preparation time – 30 min


  1. 25 gm – Ricotta Cheese
  2. 50 gm – Baby Spinach
  3. 50 gm – Farina Flour
  4. 15 gms- Semolina
  5. 1 no – Eggs
  6. 5 ml- EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
  7. 50 gm – Button Mushrooms
  8. 25 gm- Onion
  9. 25gm -Asparagus
  10. 5 gm – Sage butter
  11. 10gm- Sundried Tomato
  12. 10gm – Pine nuts
  13. 1 no – Cherry Tomato
  14. 2 gm – Cracked black peppers
  15. Chives for garnish
  16. Salt – to taste
Directions –
  • Make a mixture of ricotta cheese and spinach with seasoning for Pasta filling
  • Make dough for pasta with Farina flour whole eggs, salt, and olive oil keep for resting.Sheet the pasta and fill with the spinach filling.
  • Chop mushrooms and sauté with  chopped onion in EVOO. Place it as a base for the pasta
  • Blanch the pasta in salted water for 8 minutes
  • Make a sauce with sage butter, add  chopped onion,garlic cook it untill translucent, add chopped sundried tomato and chopped pine nuts. Add chopped parsley and fresh sage. Toss the blanched pasta in the sauce. Place the blanched pasta on the bed of mushroom
  • Garnish with butter poached asparagus and balsamic reduction and chop chives and sundried cherry tomato.

Ricotta Spinach

 Ricotta Spinach stuff tortellini is ready to serve. It is delicious and easy to make. Hope you guys like it.


  1. Yes dear I too found this session very different and unique considering that lot of male too were involved in a female domain of cooking, for me it was extra special since I shared my experience of being involved in construction of Lalith Mumbai, and cheese we did taste the dish which was superb.