No shortcuts in 2016


fitness, exide life insurance, NoMoreShortCuts“Every time you set goals but never achieve it,” said my father while having a supper. “It’s not like that dad, I start it but then I leave it midway and don’t give time to it “ “Nothing new, well that’s the same story every year my son” I nodded off with a wry smile.

fitness, exide life insurance, NoMoreShortCuts

I made a resolution to stay fit in 2015 but I couldn’t stay on my goal and left mid-way.  Some may click and some don’t but that’s not the end of life. I know success goes to those that refuse to give up. Initially, I had a clear mind that I am going to stick to my goal and reach in the next 12 months, but then it did not happen as I thought to be. I use to go one day and next day will take a break and do some other thing and that how I went to 15 sessions instead of 30 session in a month. One thing I learnt is there is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.  “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy, remember that”, told my father. Yes I, completely agree with you there is no magic pill it’s only hardwork, dedication and consistency.

fitness, exide life insurance, NoMoreShortCuts

My father’s advice made me realize that I need to stick to my goal and work hard to achieve my target and not leave it halfway.  Those words touched my heart and I told myself No shortcuts in2016: The beginning is always the hardest.   My plan to stay fit is I have made 2 smaller goals to achieve it. One  eat healthy and other exercise regularly. Don’t miss the workout session and have meals thrice a day. This will help me to stay fit and healthy.

For 2016 resolution my plans are up and I am firm to achieve my goals in a smarter way that make me feel good and be fit and have a healthy lifestyle.  Similar to my thinking, Exide Life Insurance talks about  no shortcuts in life. The message in the video is very clear you don’t have to be like jugaadulal and do jugaad in every phase of your life #NoMoreShortCuts  but think in a smart way and make plans for your future. To make plan and achieve your long-term financial goals, Exide Life Insurance has got good options in terms of protection plans, Investment and savings plans also Retirement plans. It’s one-stop place for all your financial plans.  Now with Exide Life Insurance by my side, My future is secured.

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