Stylish Office Attire for Men: Avoiding the ‘Corporate Drone’ Look


No matter how hard you try to, the ‘Monday blue’s always seem to catch up with you, right? WRONG! Now, here’s your chance to uplift your mood and start your week in a far more jovial manner; just by wearing the right colour clothing!

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Both men and women are expected to dress as per the workplace that they go to. While media companies may have a rather casual sense of dressing, there are other corporates, which require you to look your best.


Now, a regular nine-to-five; five days a week office is pretty regular with most people and this may marginally differ from other companies which start at 10 or 11 am and go on till 7 PM. It is very important that one dresses not only with style but a lot of sophistication for their corporate look. Impressions form easily in a corporate space and you never know who is judging you!


White, blue or black shirts paired with navy blue, black or khaki slacks are usually the ideal caricature of what a man on a regular day at the office. On some occasions, he may also wear a plain necktie for formal events such as meetings with clients, etc.


Although it is important to have proper corporate dressing etiquettes it is also very important to have some style or fashion of your own as well!


Consider a Button-down:  Also known as a business short, a button-down is probably something you may want to wear to look your best on Monday. This is not exactly your typical shirt that has buttons down the front but actually refers to the collar tips. Slim fit shirts always look the best and remember, make sure you tuck it in!

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TIP: A formal beige-lining shirt by Turtle is one that you could opt for.


Think about PINK! While white, blue and black seem to be a favourite amongst men; you may want to go for an unusual colour (on men)! Consider pink! This could be a plain, basic type or striped, whichever you prefer; but make sure it has a collar!


Formal pants come into two different types; pleated and flat front. Known to be the most common suit pant, pleated pants have creases at the front of the pant along the waist. On the other hand, flat fronts are those trousers, which lie flat against the body. It depends on a man’s body type to decide which would look better.

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TIP:  A nice pair of navy blue trousers by Blackberrys might be a good choice.


A lot can be said about a man by just the pair of shoes that he is wearing, so you better make sure you opt for a smart pair on a Monday! So, although they say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, shoes are actually like a résumé on your feet.  So while there are plenty of brands to choose from, it is very important to opt for an appropriate colour. Beige, brown and black are some of the colours that are good options. Leather shoes are one of the most popular corporate footwear for men.

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TIP: Formal black leather shoes by Red Tape may just suit you!