2016 Men’s Fashion Trends


2016 brings great changes in men’s fashion trends. This year, fashion designers filled the catwalks with baggy trousers, reinvented overalls, even more ripped jeans and minimalistic backpacks.

The 2016 spring/summer color palette will not be displaying the usual bright, neon colors, instead it will be consisting of “50 shades of grey” since all designers seem to have unanimously decided to explore neutral fabrics this year. Mechanic-like overalls are the biggest comeback trend of the year and they can be worn with a simple, white t-shirt or a tank top and a plaid, lumberjack shirt to complete the look.

Unexpectedly, this year men are encouraged to wear their suit trousers slightly wider than the usual. Ok, maybe more than just slightly. In 2016, men should wear casual suits with baggy, slouchy trousers for a loosened-up look.

The summer of 2016 brings a new trend among the summer must-have items: shorter shorts. This means men will be showing a lot more skin and legs than usual. The biggest design houses use different colors and patterns to make these shorter shorts fun to wear and easy to mix. You don’t have to go to the beach to wear them. They are versatile, and can be mixed with different shirts to make this look a casual, city outfit.


Designers think suede leather jackets are the must-have of the 2016 cold season and they can be accessorized with a minimalistic backpack. Backpacks are the on-going trend for a while now. The shapes have slightly changed. Designers are using simple cuts and lines to create geometrical and minimalistic all-day bags.

Short-sleeved shirts with a Cuban collar will definitely make you stand out. Try using plain, neutral designs and mix it with a baggy pair of trousers. It will be the perfect 1950 flashback. Remember that fashion is supposed to be fun. Regardless of the trends, you should embrace your true self and express your personality through your fashion choices.


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