Mahindra Blazo : India’s First Smart Truck



When it comes to Trucks ,It’s a serious business in India. Road Transportation accounts  more than 60 % of all goods in India,from Delhi to South India and Gujarat to north east regions.Trucks manufacturers normally focus on those features that save money for the truck owners but forgot to address the main issue what needs to be paid attention to. Safety and comfort are least on the priority list. Truck drivers were taken granted until now.  Taking a notch further, Mahindra  & Mahindra (M&M) have addressed this problem and taken it on a serious note making it India’s First Smart Truck – Mahindra Blazo

It was a pleasure to be invited for a plant visit at their Chakan plant near Pune.  Before I give you insights about Mahindra Blazo Lets quickly tell you about Mahindra Truck and Bus Division .

Mahindra Truck and Bus Division is a wholly owned subsidiary and part of the US $ 16.9 billion Mahindra Group that provides an entire line of integrated trucking solutions. The company has  outperformed to the next level, by creating trucks that are specifically designed for different applications and deliver outperformance whatever be the business needs. Be it for the farmers or military or defence, Every customer needs are taken care of. It is one of  the largest manufacturers by production in India. It provides an entire line of integrated trucking solutions that helps customers profit by giving them the advantage of quick turnaround time and reliability along with the assurance of Mahindra excellence in every aspect.

The Chakan plant is well –equipped and one of the advance plants in India where every vehicle is assembled with robotic precision. It is a seamless operation and designed in a way that no human intervention is required at crucial stages. Robotic engineering is way to future technologies.


Apart from safety, comfort  and convenience,the two features  that sets strong signal to competitors is Fuel Smart Switches and mPower Fuel Smart Engine. The Fuel Smart Switches give us superb mileage without compromising on power. More mileage leads to more parcel eventually more profit.  Also New Mahindra Blazo provides Service guarantee – Get back on road in 48 hours or get Rs 1000/day .In addition to this, there is 24/7 call centre  with 7 regional languages to answers all queries and faults if any . There are 3 switches to help you choose between superior mileage to light mode.

  1. Light mode – Use when load is empty or half full
  2. Heavy mode – Use when carrying full load but incline is not steep
  3. Turbo mode- Use when carrying full load with steep incline

It’s a guarantee never given before that reflects Mahindra’s confidence in their Smart Truck. MPower Fuel Smart Engine is best in class Performance. It enables to deliver maximum performance of 202 HP 151 kW) @ 2200 RPM.

The New Mahindra Blazo other features like driver seat is easily adjustable and cabin is neat and spacious. There is an option to install Air condition too in the cabin. Overall The New Mahindra Blazo is boon to Indian transport and sheer delight for the trucks owners that will save fuel and give unbeatable mileage.



I’m blogging about my exclusive experience at the Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck manufacturing unit with BlogAdda.