Experience Street style food @ Rekadi Cafe Mulund


What’s your childhood memory?  Or your most beloved childhood story?  or Any of your favorite street food? Any guess?  I bet everyone must have  tasted Gola during their childhood. Well, wait there’s more twist and turns in this story. Last week I was invited for dinner preview at Rekadi Café

It’s a newly opened petite restaurant in Mulund . The décor and style are typical thela type. The ceiling and side walls have bottle shaped rainbow lights and surrounded by cart tyres  and I felt nostalgic after seeing the Menu ie. written on a blackboard.


We started off with flavoured fries with three different sauces . The fries were crispy and crunchy and the dip was awesome.

Next in line was Palak corn sandwich- The dish was cooked to perfection, however, I felt a bit salty enough.It could have been better.


The very famous Panini chaat is something you will definitely love it. Its mixture of grated vegetables, corns and cheese and heated with the gas lighter to give a smoky taste. It blended well with the cheese and tasted good.


Wait for Golas it is still not over. The very famous Ice Gola is served with malai and flavored syrups. It’s amazing just made my day.

Second inline was Dryfruit Gola. The speciality of this gola is it is enriched with dry fruits and malai ,rabdi , cream and flavoured syrups .This gola was icing on the cake , It was perfect and blended well with the syrups.

I had amazing time here with my fellow food bloggers. Indulge yourself  and have chilled paani-puri, pizzas, pasta, and off course my favorite Golas


Address: C-504, Swapna Nagari, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080

Phone:086553 61233

Hours:  3PM–12AM





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