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“Do you prefer biscuits or toast? “ my mom asked in the morning.” I want that Surjit uncle’s Hyderabad wala biscuit” that’s how my day starts with tea and a small packet of biscuits. In fact, I didn’t know those  mouth watering biscuits were Hyderabad famous Karachi biscuits until now.


Last week I was invited for high tea session at a newly opened outlet in Bandra, west. It was a sheer delight to once again relive my childhood memories and savour the fruit biscuits, salty and sweet biscuits from the original maker.  The same crunchy feeling and same taste just made by day. The decor and style were conventional with food quotes written over the side wall and seats were comfortable but fewer tables due to space constraints.


Apart from regular biscuits , Karachi Bakery expanded its business to cakes and pizzas and pasta for the customers.  Established in 1952, by Mr. Khanchand Ramnani at Mozzamjahi Market, Karachi Bakery has now become a brand by itself and a household name amongst Hyderabadis.


It’s their first outlet in Mumbai and since their opening , it has got the tremendous response and everyone is fond of their famous biscuits. The lip smacking biscuit with a perfect mixture of fruits leaves you craving for more.

Mini Cupcakes

Also, their mini chocolate cupcake treats for taste buds.

Chocolate cup cakes

Kiwi pastry

Black Forest cake

Apple Pie

Fruit Log


Try out their signature cookie. It is cooked to perfection with chocolate granules and cocoa .These cookies bring joy and freshness of a homemade cookie.

Also, try out Osmania biscuits, Ajwain biscuits, dry fruit halwa, Salt biscuits, cashewnuts biscuits,Choco delight cookies,Kesar pista biscuits, Almond biscuits.

The prices are reasonable and you don’t have to look for quality “Karachi bakery” name itself is enough to guarantee.

You can buy online at http://www.karachibakery.com/

Address: –

A 01 Kenilworth Shopping Arcade
Linking Road
Opp. Mc Donald’s, Bandra West
Mumbai 400050.
Tel : – +91 22 6695 5108






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