Authentic Chettinad food @ Lake View Café ,Renaissance Hotel,Powai


I was elated as soon as I received an Invite for the  food preview of Chettinad Cusine @ Lake view café, Renaissance Hotel, Powai.  Well, Let me tell you Chettinad is a region of  Tamilnadu and it’s known for its the aromatic and spicy food. People of this region are mostly traders and businessmen and also they are wealthiest people in the country. Chettinad food is a feast for gourmet.  Cinnamon, black pepper, and clove are the most important  ingredients of Chettinad cuisine. Chettinad cuisine also adds tamarind to their dishes to make it spicy and give it a  tangy taste.

The Lake view café was decorated and styled in a conventional Chettinad style where in staff were dressed in typical south Indian attire and welcomed us at the entrance.   I really liked the presentation and the theme was marvelous, making it like a local affair as if I am staying in the God’s home offering culinary delicacies of Chettinad cuisine.  I was excited to try out mouth watering dishes at this food festival.

Started off with  typical Rasam, which was made of tomato and southern spices. It was tangy and spicy to holds true to its flavor.

In the main course, we had Pal kabli Chettinad which is cottage cheese cooked with southern spices. It is cooked to perfection with moderate spicy and the taste was amazing.

Mattangai Moru kolambu is nothing but red pumpkin cooked with yogurt and coconut paste. I liked the kolambu nothing only for its aroma but also for its taste. The red pumpkin blended well with the yogurt and spices and had a distinct taste of Chettinad flavors.

Next in line was Vandakai Puriyal is lady finger, tempered with coconut, curry leaves.  Normally I don’t like Okra but this one was fantastic. It was tempered well with coconut and other spices and I could smell the local flavors.  I told Chef to give me special recipe or teach me how to make it Okra so tasty

Well, I noticed that unlike typical south Indian cuisine, Chettinad cuisines uses coconut oil sparingly and is not as spicy. The cuisine also uses sun-dried and salted vegetables, seeds and fruits to enhance and give distinct flavors.  There was abundance of vegetarian and nonvegetarian affair at Chettinad cuisine. Being a Vegetarian I adore clicking food pictures.In Non-vegetarians too had sumptuous feast from Mutton Chettinad, Venkai Kozhi Kotu etc .

Lastly, Pulli sadam is nothing but rice cooked in tamarind pulk. It was cooked to perfection, however, I didn’t like it though but the aroma and taste were tangy and spicy.

In Dessert, I tried Pazha Payasam, which is assorted fruits in cardamom flavored coconut milk don’t miss it.

I just loved the preparation and every dish has an amazing and authentic taste! It is a gastronomic journey to the heartland of Chettinad. Indulge in Authentic Chettinad Cuisine along with your family and friends

Address – Lake View Café,

Renaissance Hotel, Powai

 2 & 3B, Near Chinmayanand Ashram, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400087

Phone:022 6692 7777