3 Popular Women Hairstyles for Upcoming Summer 2016


Don’t you think it’s always better to be organized rather than accomplishing your tasks at the 11th hour and end up committing blunders? Our, especially women, first and foremost priority is to present ourselves in the best possible manner through creative and attractive ways. One of the most important aspects in self-presentation is to get the best and latest hairstyle trends. You may think that there is some time left for Summer Season 2016 but it’s always wise to think before time and analyze different women hairstyles you’re gonna get in summer. In order to keep you updated for the latest hairstyle trends for upcoming Summer Seasons 2016, here are the 3 top haircuts explained briefly:

1.     Asymmetrical Side Sweep

Do you want a feminine flare with an eye-catching and enchanting self-presentation in public? Asymmetrical side sweep hairstyle would definitely be the best for you. The short hair trend along with edgy cut offers you a softer and charming look on your face. This haircut is especially recommended if you have a relatively smaller face structure as it would be easier for you to straighten and make your hair finer.

2.     Layered Crop Hairstyle


Want a smooth, flirty, cute, striking and short hairstyle for the upcoming Summer Season 2016? Try out layered crop especially if you have curly hair. However, it may be suitable to all women equally, so don’t feel discouraged if you’re not one of them.

In case, you have one hair color, ask your stylist whether to go for it or another hairstyle would be better. Sometimes, layered crop hairstyle can look flat on you but it’s your stylist who can let you know whether you should go for it or not.

3.     Undercut Crop Hairstyle

No matter you have a round or flat facial structure, undercut crop style is almost for every woman in the world. Mostly women prefer boy-cut hairstyle for the summer season as it is super convenient and offers them the flexibility to get either longer or shorter hair as per their face structure and other requirements. If you’re a working woman and don’t have much time to style your hair properly, it will be the best haircut for as it does not require much time and effort. You don’t even have to handle your neck trims or touch-ups if you have this kind of haircut.