Why Successful People Have Capsule Wardrobes?


Let’s put your daily clothing habits into question. How many times have you felt it difficult what outfit would you be choosing today? If you feel that you are experiencing that decision fatigue often, there is obviously something wrong with your clothing habits and your wardrobe. Although the world’s image of a global village has boosted the fashion world and it has created multiple options for us to pursue fashion in different and innovative ways yet it has also created problems in choosing the best fashion trend for us on a regular basis.

The Capsule Wardrobe Movement

It does not mean that if you’re rich and can afford new fashion trends, you must have to do it. One must prioritize his or her professional and personal responsibilities rather than focusing most of his/her attention towards his/her outfits selection. Most successful leaders don’t waste their time in choosing the right outfit rather they just focus on a limited number of appropriate outfits for their daily routine without worrying on the latest fashion trends. This is the most important step towards capsule wardrobe and with time more and more people have started pursuing the capsule wardrobe movement.

How Successful Leaders Select their Daily Outfits?

Do you know many popular world leaders don’t even have to go through that decision fatigue? They are often observed in similar kind of dresses most of the time. For instance, if you Google “Obama”, you are likely to see that similar outfits for the world leader.

However, you must have heard about the social media reaction when Barrack Obama went for a different outfit.

Similarly, you have not seen Steve Jobs without the same Levi’s jeans and the same sneakers, have you? This has been the outfit of Steve Jobs for more than a decade although he’s a billionaire co-founder of Apple. When it comes to new of Mark Zuckerberg wearing more or less same gray T-shirts every day, we can easily learn more about the importance of decision making in terms of their outfit selection on daily basis.

Top 3 Reasons Why Successful People Pursue Capsule Wardrobe?

1.     Decision Fatigue

Do you know that your ability to take excellent decision making deteriorates if you’ve been involved in decision making for a long time? In this situation, spending less time on choosing your outfits and pursuing capsule wardrobe can only offer you a productive day with more mental space in professional atmosphere.

2.     No Time Wastage

When you’re selecting your outfit on daily basis, you’re definitely spending a huge amount of time without even realizing it. On the other hand, it is pretty easy and quick to get ready if you’re just pursuing a capsule wardrobe.

3.     Experience Minimal Energy Waste and Less Stress

Do you know according to New York Time Magazine, Christopher Nolan told that it had been wastage of energy if you’re thinking everyday what to wear and what not to wear? Today, you can only see him in a blue dress shirt and black trouser along with a narrow lapeled jacket.



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