Best Jewellery Trends to Follow in 2016


Now you’re looking at your beautiful and brimming jewelry box. It is filled with necklaces, bracelets and rings but you don’t want to wear any piece from it as you want to include more collection to your brimming jewelry box with latest jewelry trends for Season 2016 but you’re not able to find it in the stores. Only a well-stocked jewelry box is the best friend of a girl and a jewelry box missing latest tangled chains, heavy earring, and gorgeous necklaces are the worst nightmare for her. Well, in order to guide you with the latest jewelry trend, here is a list of 4 pieces of jewelry items you need to get for this Season 2016:


I am not kidding. Chains are definitely back in fashion but in a different manner. Chains are now coming in different forms such as palm bracelets, chokers, belts and double chain earrings in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

2. Elegant Silver Bridal Necklaces with Finest Crystal Work


This would definitely be one of the popular custom jewelry trends in 2016. The finest crystals working on statement silver bridal necklaces make you look elegant and charismatic. Remember the Oscar Awards 2016 where many celebrities were wearing oversized earrings and even oversized diamond necklaces to flaunt at the event. You can also get customized earrings depending upon your personal requirements.

3.Gold Plated Torques Opened Cuff Bracelet Bangles Necklace


Today, we live in a global world and no more appreciate things merely on the basis of their religious association. You are now free to choose any rustic jewelry pieces or any customized jewelry without any hesitation of being judged by others. This new trendy gold plated torques opened cuff bracelet bangles along with an elegant necklace are one of the finest and customized jewelry items which are expected to be echoing in the jewelry market in 2016.

4.Collares Jewelry European Style Vintage Trench Fashion Necklace

This trend will remain evergreen or would be trending at least for a long time. This new collar jewelry European style vintage trench fashion necklaces with their appealing geometric forms, conventional designing, and a chain fragment really makes it fascinating, attractive and charismatic for women. It is available in gold and silver material.


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