Men’s fashion tips on a first date


Picking the perfect outfit for a first date can be just as complicated for men as it is for women. It might be easier though for women to decide which dress is more appropriate and which shoes go with the perfect purse. Even if men don’t admit it, they are just as eager to look good and make the best first impression they can.

When deciding your outfit, you have to take into consideration the location and the time of the date. For dinner dates or events that require a more formal dress code, you could go with a white shirt and a dark pair of trousers and jacket. Dark jeans are also accepted but remember to always wear shoes with ties. Slip-ons are more appropriate for a walk in the park kind of date. Regardless the shoes, be careful to clean them. Women always spot dirty shoes. You could accessorize your outfit with a classy wristwatch or a pocket handkerchief. You should avoid wearing a tie or cufflinks.

For casual dates, you could pick a pair of dark sneakers, dark jeans, and a t-shirt. Never tuck your t-shirt in unless you are wearing a button shirt. For a smart casual look, you can put on a polo t-shirt and a pair of slip-ons. Leather jackets are also a great option.

Regardless of the location, your clothes need to be clean and ironed. Details like a wrinkled shirt may give the impression you do not respect your date enough to make an effort and dress properly. Keep in mind that a great outfit is nothing without a fresh haircut. You do not need to change your hairstyle or try to be someone you are not. You just need to make sure you have a clean, fresh look and feel comfortable with yourself.


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