5 Reasons Why an apple a day keeps the doctor away


A healthy lifestyle is always trending. People find themselves paying hundreds of dollars for private fitness lessons, coaches, pills, proteins and whatsoever. Is that what we really want to spend our money and time for –  to please others? The key is to start working on yourself for yourself. Quickly You may realize that You are not on a sprint, You are running a marathon and it is called Life. In order to feel healthier, You should follow these simple steps:


  1. Everything is mental


Maybe we need a little push in life from time to time. Unfortunately, most of the time we will not have somebody who could push us a bit further. This is where our inner self-has to step up. We might be aware that we don’t like sports or fruits or that we are lazy. But that shouldn’t be an excuse not to try.

daily routine


2. Your everyday routine

Wake up and go to sleep early. Mornings are the most productive period of the day. Do the most important work shortly after You get out of bed. That is when we are well rested and relaxed. A simple trick is to write down all the stuff that You have on that day. Keep it realistic and don’t overdo Yourself. Never forget – sleep is important – don’t deprive Yourself of it.

dont give up


3.Don’t give up

The body is willing, but the mind isn’t or is it the other way around? However, did You know that we mentally give up when we are about on 40% of our body capacity. This is the first time that the brain shouts: “It’s enough! Stop!”. And what now? Many athletes faced the same problem. The solution sounds easy, but actually, it is very hard to overcome it – Keep on going. Push Yourself to the point break and achieve greatness. It can be at work, in the gym or at home. You can do it!

  1. Motivate Yourself daily

There is a difference between motivation and inspiration. Set easy everyday goals to keep Your motivation on top. That’s how you make progress. The point is to divide your main goal into little ones, e.g. it won’t seem like a marathon if you stop from time to time to look at your progress. The greatest entrepreneurs did it that way. Ask Richard Branson.

do it for yourself

5.Who do You do it for?

Do it for Yourself! Clean and straight forward! There is no point to improving Yourself for someone else. It won’t seem like an obligation and you can set your own tempo. Over time, other will notice you progress and that is a very satisfactory moment – success.



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