5 reasons why you should start eating Adriatic Food


Have You ever felt tired, demotivated, bored, sad or just out of energy? No worries if You answer was positive.  The Adriatic is full of life and You don’t have to be there to taste it. Would you believe me if I told you that You already have it at home? No? Well, let’s see!
Don’t jump out of Your seat yet! You don’t even need to have the ingredients for it in Your fridge or on the shelves.  It’s more a way of a lifestyle than it is about food. Here are 5 simple reasons why You should start eating Adriatic:

  1. Breakfast Like a King!

To start a shiny day, You need energy. Here’s a suggestion how to live Adriatic: a simple omelet with cheese and ham, croissant with chocolate, coffee and fresh, squeezed juice. It will boost You so that You will be able to tackle any assignment and start the day in a good mood!

  1. Lunch Like a Prince

Although the Adriatic Sea is famous for its fish, You don’t need to have it on Your menu if You prefer red meat. Therefore, there are more options to choose. But, there is a rule – keep it simple and light. Mangold and boneless hake with risotto as an appetizer. It will fill out Your hunger and You can go for a swim right away as it is a very light meal. The other options may be rice with beefsteak. Whatever Your choice may be…Bon appetite! adriatic-palace-hotel

  1. Dinner Like a Pauper

It is already late, the sun is going down and Your body is telling You that it is time to eat, again. How and what to choose? Dinner is no philosophy. It can be something from the bakery. But, let’s not kid ourselves, we are speaking Adriatic. Here’s something worth spending money on – olive oil from Croatia. It is purely amazing. You put some drops on a slice of bread and voilà – dinner is served. Spending 20 Euros for a bottle of it is not much. So, take out Your credit card and order some. No regrets!

  1. Dessert

Fruits!! A magic bowl full of flavor. Here is one of the most popular combinations: cut a banana into slices, add plums, grapes, some pineapple and blueberries if You have them because they will color the other fruit and give it a more special taste and freshness. No worries if You prefer pancakes or ice-cream. Everything is allowed when we talk about dessert!

  1. The wine

You simply can’t go wrong if You choose any sort of white wine. A glass of it will make Your day. A few memorable mentions when You’ll cruise the Adriatic coast: pinot, malvazija, zlatarica or trebbiano toscano. Cheers!

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