5 Prom Night 2016 Fashion Trends You Should Follow


Prom, homecoming and holiday seasons! No matter what event you’re going to attend, girls always desire to wear the best and latest dress designs. There are numerous pretty designer gowns, casual and semi-formal prom clothing trends and printed prom dresses, which can definitely make your prom dressing desire come true. In case, you’re confused about your prom trends, here is a list of a few prom dress trends you should be following in 2016:

1.     Cutout Trends


If you’re looking for a flattering, enchanting and flirt prom dress for 2016, cutouts trend is the best and emerging option available for you. With cutout trends, you don’t really have worry about if you have certain rules and regulations to follow in your school or you want to be comfortable in your prom dress as per your individual requirements as today, cutout trends are available in different designs and colors in the market. Some have shimmery netting and modest whereas other cutout trends for 2016 can be more revealing. The latter ones are especially recommended if you’re willing to show off your beautiful and gorgeous skin at the prom night.


Although Sequins are considered a little bit formal wear for prom seasons yet they have been quite popular among girls due to its fun-looking and form-fitting dressing style. If you’re going for Sequins style for your prom night, you are recommended to use La Femme’s collection for Prom season 2016 as it is currently offering pretty intricate designs and charming beading along with some fascinating head-to-toe floor length gowns or cocktail-length and full-length piece to make your prom night perfect. Such prom dresses are conveniently able to grab the twinkling lights especially when you’re on the dance floor with your partner.

3.Crop Tops

As far as the 2016 season has been in town, crop tops have become pretty popular if you’re seeking out a formal gown for your prom night 2016.  If you want a little bit feminine look but with ultimate glamour and are also willing to reveal your midriff to some extent, you would definitely look stunning in a crop top dress and especially its cutting edge will definitely make you stand apart from all the glamorous couples roaming around you at 2016 Prom Night.

4.Lace Prom Design


Want to reveal your sexiness with comfy and cozy lace fabrics? Here is your chance to do that as many famous brands such as Mori Lee, Jovani and Sherri Hill are currently offering some sophisticated lace prom dress designs lately for Prom 2016 event.

5.Petal Power

In case, you are fascinated about bold floral, short and long silhouettes, and want to enjoy ballgowns and skirts at the same time along with intricate lace tops, petal power prom dress is the dress you’re looking for. Moreover, its slinky off the shoulder style will definitely worth wearing at the Prom 2016 night.

Pics courtesy: Wedding Shoppe Inc, Sherri Hill



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