When my mom tried her first Jeans 


Making a woman happy is not possible for a man most of the times, it could be done only by a woman. These happy roles are usually performed by sisters, friends and especially mothers and daughters. The mother-daughter relationship is the strongest and the forever relationship of the world. And the happiness they share and spread into each other’s lives is probably the purest and lively.
Today I want to share one of my incidents when I took my mother out for a date in the latest women dresses which never tried on. The day we become independent, a feeling of self-dependence comes which always urges you to do more for your family members and loved ones. It was the same time when I received my first hard-earned income and I wanted to take my mom out for a lunch date.denim-jeans

It wasn’t that she has never been out, but the fun of going out only with her and making her feel that she is not that old to sit all day at home was a surprise package for her. The day I wanted her to try ladies jeans online from a renowned shopping website, Stalkbuylove.com. She resisted to the same earlier but somehow I convinced her to try a few pair of ladies jeans online as she has got pretty legs and these would look amazing on her. Finally, she selected one and bought it.denim-jeans

The day was sunny, with chirping birds everywhere and had a pleasant fragrance in the atmosphere. She came out adorning her ladies jeans along with a vintage blouse and looked dazzling. I was simply floored by her appearance. Even at this stage, she could steal the hearts away from many men and boys too. My mom is so gorgeous!!! And now it was my time to dress up in my style of women dresses. I enrobed a stylish skater dress which made me looked stunning but undoubtedly not as pretty as her.

So the ladies were all decked up in their best of women dresses and stepped out for the fun which was long awaited. The day was the best day of my life, it was the first time when I had the full authority over the money to spend as I like, and she won’t interfere at all. To begin, we first went to watch her all time favorite movie at the theater. The moment we entered the premises, I noticed the viewers, the way they checked out my mom much more than me, and why not she was glowing from all over. Her ladies jeans online were mesmerizing, and the way she carried it flawlessly as an expert user was mind-blowing.

After watching the movie, I took her out to some shopping. We went to the shopping malls in the town and looked for the stylish and elegant latest women dresses. The day I found for the first time that she has a got very classy taste of clothes and accessories which were probably ignored since the beginning as we were more concerned about what we are going to wear but never thought about her. She got one an elegant Indian saree for herself. I simply loved spending on her.

I did not want her bliss to fade away, so continued the girls-day-out towards her favorite restaurant and ask her to order her special delicacies. Because it was a lunch date since the beginning, I wanted to surprise her with some special gift, and I asked my father and my brother to accompany us to the lunch at a particular time. And as decided, they both reached the venue on time and trust me I could not see anything better than the smile on her face with those small teardrops in the eyes which were about to overflow and somehow she controlled. My dad was also astonished to see her in the ladies jeans and recommended her to wear often

The day passed beautifully, we had a great lunch and returned home in the evening after some more shopping for dad and my younger sister. Hope to get the same days, again and again, to see the smile on her face frequently.denim-jeans

Guest post – Nirali Chandan


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