Thyrocare Review : World’s largest diagnostic centre and pathology lab


In Mumbai, life is very stressful not just of travelling but work pressure; earning money etc comes to mind. We never realize the importance of Health unless we are cautioned by health experts.  I always believe in my father’s advice that “Health is Wealth”
If you have good health, you can earn money anytime. Don’t ignore your health.  Lead a healthy life and tension free.














Last week It was Father’s day, I thought to give him a memorable gift but couldn’t think what gift should I give him. There I realize what would be more important than gifting him Health check up option by Thyrocare.

Our Health depends on many factors such as food, sleeping pattern, pollution, water, air etc Physical exercise and morning or evening walks benefits a lot with respect to our mind and body. Being fit and healthy lifestyle is what gets going ahead in life.

Experience with Thyrocare: – Thyrocare provides best preventive body health checkup package.  Let me tell you some insights about Thyrocare.

It is world’s largest pathology lab with over 30,000 samples and above 1 lakh investigations processed daily. Having its presence over 2000 cities and sees a phenomenal growth in technological advancements in Laboratory.















What I liked about Thryocare is their user-friendly website that can be easily navigated and you can book your appointment easily. You can book an appointment by call or online.  Once you book an appointment, sit back and relax. Their team will co-ordinate with you.

They have various packages suitable as per your needs and requirement. The Aarogyam Package includes 74 Tests, liver Profile (11) Cholesterol Profile (8) ,Homocysteine,Kidney Profile (5), Thyroid Profile (3), Iron Deficiency (3), Diabetic Screen (2), Complete Hemogram (28),Vitamin Profile (2), Toxic Elements (9),Pancreatic Profile (2).

It is almost full body checkup plan where you get in-depth analysis of your body and preventive measure to be taken in daily life. The service is excellent in terms of time at an affordable cost. I didn’t know it will be so quick.

The Thyrocare person reached my home on before time and  he explained us about need of preventive health checkup and the blood testing was done in the morning and next day they sent us lab reports in the evening in just 24 hrs!! That’s quick, isn’t it?

Though hard copies were sent a day later but the response was very quick and I am really satisfied with the results too. This kind of regular check up supports our well-being and a great option to get services at your home.















In today’s fast paced life, never ignore your health. Go for a regular health checkup and be free from lifestyle diseases.

Do modification in your lifestyle by making right choices and eating healthy food, regular exercise, ensure you get adequate sleep daily. All these small things matter a lot when it comes to being healthy. It is the source of all happiness for everyone in the family.

You may be rich but money can’t buy happiness. Even with a small income, a person with sound health can lead a prosperous life.



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