How to match the cuff links to your outfit


Cuff links are among the few pieces of jewelry that a man can wear, and they sure make the difference between a good and a mediocre outfit. But how to choose them? In short, cuff links should be picked according to the outfit you build, depending on both the occasion and on your lifestyle.

Essentially, cuff links are reserved for special occasions, events or business meetings, but can also be worn in the office on a daily basis. When the occasion requires formal attire, cuff links are a great choice. Such occasions can be a formal party, a social event, or a major family event. From a professional point of view, cuff links should always be present at business meetings, or conferences and presentations.

How to match the cuff links to
How to match the cuff links to

The cuff links are often associated with a formal dress code, a fancy suit, tuxedo or tails. They bring a classy touch, but you must be very careful how they match with other accessories. If you decide to wear other accessories, cuff links must go with them. Otherwise, they must match the suit. Although sometimes there can be exceptions, it is generally recommended to wear silver or gold cuff links.

With a little taste and creativity, you can match cuff links to a sweater or an elegant cardigan. Such an association requires a little courage and an eye for color, but it certainly makes a good impression!

There are several types of cufflinks that you can use to complete your outfit. They can be classified depending on the model, color, and material. Textile cuff links knots are more affordable than those made of metal. They are made of silk and often have different colors. They are ideal for relaxed social situations because it highlights your attention to detail. Can easily be worn to the office every day and matched to casual clothing.

 how to match cuff links

Chain cuff links are identical on both sides and ensure a flawless symmetry sleeve. They are more elegant than fixed cuff links. This type is ideal for events such as galas, parties or red carpet events. Go great with a tux!

The most common type of cufflinks is attached to a foldable cuff using a small key. The discrete and medium weight they can take countless forms although the most popular are rectangular, square or round. The outside is often decorated with precious stones and patterns. Alternatively, you can opt for those that have unusual shapes. You can wear them to formal parties, business or personal events.


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