5 Reasons not to buy The iPhone7


You need an excellent and ideal phone with tremendous features that are always in line with the current technology. Whenever you think of the purchase of a new iPhone, the primary objective is to improve on the features of your current phone and ensure that you buy the best phone on the market today. With the increase in technological change today companies are coming up with new iPhone with new apps and design as a way of improving the user experience.

However, do you know that there are some phone technology that might cut down your experience? The recent launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s has left many people disappointed thus you should drop any plan that you have of buying iPhone 7 & 7s because of the herein reasons and considerations.



Headphone jack is missing.

The major issue with iPhone 7 is that it lacks the headphone jack. Unlike other phones, iPhone 7 comes with a lightning EarPods and lightning port only. In case you need to use your old headphones, the iPhone has Lightning to 3.5mm headphone connector incorporated in the box. It prevents you from using all other high-end headphones you may have and making them useless. If you have to use high-end headphones, you ought to always carry with you the connector thus the high risk losing it, and it’s very expensive to replace. Apple will always want you to use the new Airpods which are quite expensive to buy and replace. If you don’t validate purchasing their Airpods, then you are only lefty with the option of using the bundled lightning Earpods which can’t enable you to listen to music while charging your phone because they use the same port.

Outdated display resolution

Unlike other phones like Nexus 5 and Galaxy S4 which were launched three years back and had full HD screens and all leading phones like Nexus 6P, Galaxy Note 7 which currently comes with quad HD, iPhone 7 comes with neither thus making it more like a 720p Panel. IPhone 7 plus that comes with the full HD display which ought to have improved since its introduction in the year 2013 thus creating a tremendous difference to the current phones.




Same old design

IPhone 7 and 7 plus have the same design and no different from iPhone 4s to iPhone 5 which was introduced two years back. Apple was always known for pushing its design envelopes to all its product, and lack of a new model with its iPhones made everyone mock it since it looked like an extended iPhone 4s.

Lack of split screen multi-tasking

This feature is currently available in all the Androids phones, with the bigger size of iPhone 7 Plus it ought to have this feature to at least make it more different from the iPhone 7, but both phones lack this feature. Samsung has built this feature in their Galaxy Note, and the same is available on iPads, but iPhones requires it thus making it less superior.

Mammoth bezels

In today’s market most smartphones are coming up with different curved displays in the effort of making their bezels smaller to fit in the pocket. The size of the top and the bottom bezels of both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus makes the phones unappealing especially for the sophisticated fashion people. Imagine a big gadget and a micro fitting skirt.

You will never get to experience the wireless charging

Most of the current Androids phones have introduced the wireless charging.  Apple has always been know of not using wire in most of its hardware products like iMac and the new MacBook and its software. Apple is yet to introduce this feature to its iPhone which was expected with its introduction of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


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