Men’s Guide To Pick The Right Shoes For An Outfit


If you think you can get away with a pair of sneakers and a formal suit, guess what, you’re not in high school anymore! There’s a specific pair of shoes that go fantastic with different kinds of outfits.

Let’s start with a casual men’s outfit. It’s 12 PM on a sunny Saturday and you’re meeting your friends for an outdoor activity. You’re probably wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or a casual button shirt. You can confidently wear a pair of sneakers, but be careful when you choose the color. You don’t want to look like Puss in Boots. If it’s really hot outside, you could wear a pair of chappals with a lighter pair of pants and a colorful, short sleeve button shirt.

Moving along the day, when you’re going out for lunch, you’ll need to lose the jeans and the t-shirt. If you’re wearing a polo shirt or a dress shirt with a pair of semi-formal pants, you could definitely wear a pair of loafers or driving moccasins. If the weather is colder, you could wear a pair of light brown leather dress boots or a pair of Chelsea boots.

For a formal outfit, whether it’s a dinner date, a gala or a business meeting, you need to follow a simple rule: always pick a shoe color that goes with the suit. Black shoes only go with navy, grey, charcoal and black suits. Dark brown shoes go with navy, grey, charcoal and brown suits, and finally, light brown leather shoes go with navy, grey and brown suits. Moreover, for formal outfits, you must wear laced shoes.

Rules may be rules, but experimenting is essential. Try different outfits and shoes and find out what works for you. You might just be the next trendsetter!


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