Fashion Hacks with a Wristwatch Every Man Must Know


The wristwatch is one classic fashion accessory for men. A watch is a functional accessory that lets you stay organized while showing off your cool. Some have claimed that the watch is dead. Nothing could be further from the truth. A smartwatch for example, gives you more functionality while keeping you trendy. So how do your watch simply and stylishly?

moto-360-watchRoll up the sleeves

Show off some muscle and titanium. Rolled up sleeves give off a look of the man-at-work. Rolling up sleeves is an art you should muster. You should look to the US Marines to see how perfectly rolled up sleeves are done;

  • Extend your sleeves fully and unbutton the cuffs
  • Bend the sleeve where is meets the cuff and turn it over until it is inside out
  • Smooth out the roll at the top and bottom
  • Repeat the roll, smoothing all the while to avoid creasing and to keep smooth. Roll up to the desired height, preferably just above the elbow.
  • Strap on your timepiece


Dinner time

Are you going for a black tie evening event? This will call for a tux and a bow tie. A good watch will be needed to complete the suave man. Look at 007 for inspiration.  The tux gives off the look of the confident, strong silent man. Wearing a shiny watch will disrupt this look. Cool colors like gray, black and dark blue are best for your watch. Look for one with a matte finish to avoid unnecessary flashing.

Power wear

Formal wear to work should convey the image of a serious professional. A quality watch with a strong presence can add to your aura of power. Here, you have a wider choice in what you can wear. If your suit is in bright colors a watch with hints of gold and chrome will do perfectly. Go for a Swiss make; a professional watch for the serious professional.

moto-watchGoing casual

Are you out for the weekend shopping or at a friend’s party? You will be most likely in T-shirts, jeans or shorts, and loafers. This look is very accommodating to the kind of watch you can wear. Avoid metallic straps as the look will be mismatched. Go for leather straps and a colorful watch face. A Moto watch will be perfect for this look.

Whatever wear you choose, a good quality watch adds to it.


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