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Where are we going wrong? Why is the position of the girl dwindling?. All we need is to fight all form of discrimination and value the place of women. To improve the position of women, we need to look at the girls as the woman of tomorrow. We should visualize girls child as able well motivate people with a dynamic mind to make sound judgment and not as inferior persons who must be controlled by their counterpart male. Well, in the contemporary world many nations and some communities have made some great effort in saving the life and position of a girl child. However, this has not fully been achieved. The discrimination is still rooted in our society. Its menace is still visible in almost every corner of our society. Taking a scope of India, the threat of girl child is visible when one takes a deep insight on the ration of both sexes in the working environment. The number of males in the working environment supersedes their counterpart. Most of the senior most position in the working environment are held by males with some lower position being segregated to females. For instance some positions like office secretary desk. Really will you visit an office to get a man working as the secretary or get a male tea server? For sure most people have heard about this ` tea girl`.
Does this mean that male is superior in cognitive than female?

Standing on an empirical position, I am obliged to give a direct as “no”.  Sex has nothing to do with the competency of a person. If one analyses facts from a cognitive psychologist, one gets to understand that the competency level is determined by a number of factors ranging from psychological to environmental. One may be wondering why I have inclined to facts from cognitive psychologists. But I feel that the notion of the position of the girl child and the environmental plays a significant role in the dwindling of the girl child. How is this connected to the failure of girl? The already prevailing notion that women cannot provide good management skills and eats deep in the psychological growth of girl child. This is killing of potential talent as the girls will lack the confidence and the self-esteem hence fail in every position in life. Not unless the society stands strong in protecting the position of girl child this might go for years. Women must also stand firm on cutting the root of this tree of gender violence. Every child has a right to life irrespective of whether a girl child or a boy child.

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The raises and death of gender discrimination have to start right from school. If women show their power, intellectual competence, management skills and concerns, the society will support them, and this will reflect in respect of girl child. Women have same intellection power as men. For instance, if one reflect on Suman case He/she will understand more about discrimination of the position of a girl child as well understand that women have same management skills as men.

As rightly said by Soha Moitra, CRY Regional Director – North  Girls by virtue of their gender face discrimination and challenges at every stage of their lives. The deep seated patriarchy combined with poverty keeps them away from many rights and comforts which generally come easily to boys. Be it female foeticide, education, health, early marriage or household responsibilities, girls are usually the first ones to suffer. That is precisely the reason why empowerment of girls is not just necessary but also the need of the hour. We have so many examples of girls who with the right support and guidance have shattered perceptions and stereotypes and have managed to make a mark for themselves despite the odds. We need to work towards a society that treats everyone equally and where girls don’t have to fight for a space that is rightfully theirs

For every nation to achieve true women empowerment, it is necessary to start with the girl child. The girls of today are tomorrow’s women. It is the responsibility of the social welfare organizations to reach out to everyone and ensure that the enlighten everyone on the importance of saving girl child. The role of the social welfare is critical in ensuring that the girl child is safe and get educated because the government cannot reach everyone. With the support of the sophisticated citizens, eradication of female infanticide and women empowerment is enhanced.

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Wrong culture against girls

India has a wrong culture against women where they view women as just consumers whereas men or boys are seen as money givers. Girl child in India has been facing a lot of violence in India since the ancient time. The girl child is killed even before birth while still in the mother’s womb. The older generations always expect their daughters who manage to survive their harsh condition to give birth to a baby boy and not a baby girl. India girl child usually passes through hell from sexual harassment, malnutrition, child abuse and so many discriminations from the society.

Equality to both girl and boy child

Every child needs to be appreciated and celebrated whether a boy or a girl. The girl child should be treated equally with the boy child without discrimination with respect and love. Parts of the world that treat girl child with no respect ought to change the society’s attitude. In India, the government promises to give incentives to the community that embraces saving and educating the girl child. The Indian campaign is driven by ensuring that the country permanently eradicates all the evils against a girl child. On International Day of Girl Child, let us join our hands and work towards the welfare of underprivileged children with CRY-Child Rights and You 


  1. Yes, you’ve captured the plight of the female population in India quite aptly. When humans are born equal, then how can they be treated unequally. Society needs to change for the better.
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