Fun at dawn: the new craze in town! Wonderise Morning fitness


The morning fitness is the in-thing in Mumbai City. This concept is not only creative but also unique. In a city where everyone is accustomed to nightlife, interestingly the idea of the event was well received given that Mumbai has a vibrant nightlife culture.Morning fitness party is series of morning parties held every second Sunday of the month. It was hosted in different bars, lounges, and pub including Aer Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel, Worli. With just Rs 500 per head, the participants were treated to a four-hour party and unrestricted healthy snacks and juices.

 The recent morning fitness in Mumbai


The morning fitness party is a fresh idea that received an overwhelming welcome in Mumbai city.  This event saw a huge turnout, not only by the fitness freaks but also their circles that were just curious about his event that was clearly against the norm.  It gave the fitness community a great platform to just have fun in their own way. Fitness entrepreneurs got an opportunity of selling directly to the right target audience in this party. The atmosphere of the party was energetic and vibrant. The enthusiasm was out of this world, and all you could see is youngsters in shorts, pyjamas, and kids ready for the Wonderise morning party.

The crazy line up

Costumes and killer concept aside, and selling point of the morning party was its crazy line up. It was interesting to see how people were able to do so much in just a few hours. A healthy breakfast, a morning dance, yoga, workouts and dance by celebrity instructors alongside a musical performance. It was a tonne of energy to lose in one morning.


Missed on the performances?

There were thrilling sessions from Sucheta Pal & group for Zumba, Riddhi Gupta for Masala Bhangra, Kanchi Shah for Belly Dancing and a grand finale by Dhanashree with the Bollywood fusion.

Riddhi Gupta’s Masala Bhangra


For those who were looking to burn an extra flab, Riddhi Gupta presented the spiciest workouts in her Masala Bhangra. The top five work out expert graced the morning party much to the excitement of the fans.

Zumba moment with Sucheta Pal & Team


You have never seen people synchronize so well to Zumba. They danced like no one was watching with the specialist, Sucheta Pal & Team

The sultry Kanchi Shah


Belly dancing is not exactly for the chosen few. Kanchi Shah was in the house as she showed the team how to have fun and express themselves through dance whether it is Bollywood, Latin & Ballroom, Hip Hop, Contemporary, or Belly Dancing. This time she focussed all her energy on Belly Dancing, and the people loved it.

No party goes down without music. Dhanashree brought the curtains down with an authentic Bollywood fusion.


We still stuck to the rules

Unlike every other party where all rules are broken, the fitness freaks stuck to their identity – healthy eating, healthy living. A cold pressed juice was served with cookies and granola to replenish their systems after pulling through the crazy line up. The healthy foods available during the party are just a reflection of how you can lead a fun but equally healthy lifestyle. What’s more, they got to learn network and interact with celebrity fitness instructors.



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