Keep your life in balance with ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage fund


Do you have life goals? How about enjoying your 2nd innings peacefully?  Wouldn’t you like to invest wisely to achieve your dreams?  Wealth matters a lot to everyone but more than that investing it systematically claims to be fruitful. There’s an old saying don’t lay all your eggs in one basket.


Well rightly said, one must dynamically allocate assets in a different class to mitigate the risk and get a good return on investment. Dynamic Asset Allocation funds are basically equity-oriented funds that switch your money between equity and debt market. They attack when required, defend when necessary and tend to be opportunistic.  Let me tell you about:-



What’s USP of ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage fund

It is an open-ended equity fund, which dynamically allocates your investments in equity and debt markets. The best advantage of this fund is it invests both in equity and debt instruments. It provides the balance between growth and safety.  Secondly, it provides 100% tax-free returns (As per prevailing tax laws for FY16-17, returns earned after one year is tax-free.)

Fund highlights: –

You can invest in Dividend and Growth scheme. The minimum amount for SIP starts as low as Rs 1000/- It keeps 65% in Equity markets and invests in Debt instruments too. This fund has outperformed its benchmark consistently. It has investments in both large cap and mid cap.


Why invest in this fund?

You get an advantage of their in-house asset allocation model that focuses on buying when the market is bearish, sell when the market is bullish. As you know there are lots of fluctuations in day to day market operations, it aims to gain from market volatility over the long term period.  It also aims to protect your capital investment and build long-term wealth. Ideally one should wait for 3-5 yrs horizon to gain maximum benefits.

Who can invest in this fund?

Anyone who is not worried whether the market has fallen or risen? Or should I sell off my assets or wait for some time? You don’t need to be worry about that; this plan is for the not only for the betterment of growth but also it provides safety balance. It is meant for people who are looking for returns in long term with a high-risk portfolio.

ICICI Prudential Balanced fund is one of the best funds in the market which will give you expected returns as wells as a safety too. The stability and outstanding returns make this fund an ideal investment choice.


Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully