Bosch India offers smart solutions beyond mobility


Bosch India is driving connectivity forward in all its business sectors. To give you a glimpse of what Bosch is offering solutions in various fields,the event was held on 24th Oct at Bosch India office , Bengaluru showcased an extensive range of smart solutions in the business sectors beyond mobility in India.  It covers construction, mining, power & energy  home appliances ,technology etc.

Bosch India

It offers global & localised solution integration in Worldwide engineering. The solution is driven by innovation into a meaningful product for a better. It provides you with drive & control to gain maximum benefit from your investment. The USP of Bosch is

  • Understanding Indian Market
  • Strong manufacturing base & software
  • Connected products to cross domain solutions

Solution offerings areas and supporting national growth and development

If you look at Construction sector , it offers : –

  1. Power tools for Construction
  2. Rooftop Solution : Hot water & power generation
  3. Access control security & surveillance
  4. Home appliances

New range of affordable tools for the construction sector to make it more easy and convenient for the development of real estate and commercials

Bosch India

The another sector which looks promising is the development and future of Smart City

  1. Intelligent Traffic management
  2. Intelligent Transport system
  3. Intelligent Parking management
  4. Citizen Safety & Security

The future lies in developing a robust city in a smart manner.  Indian Govt has already supported this project and Bosch is determined to take it to the next level by offering solutions and making use of advanced technology intelligently.

Bosch India

Customers are looking for new products and Bosch is here to meet end-to-end demands by providing solutions at an affordable cost and with customization wherever possible. Dr Berns stated “Bosch is uniquely positioned to offer meaningful solutions by harnessing its expertise across hardware, software and services” He further added, “India is a huge market for Bosch outside Germany , having known the country’s local market requirements”.  Bosch offers solutions in the smart city, home appliances, packaging, construction, transportation, mining, energy & agriculture.

Bosch India


In all, Bosch solutions guarantee reliability, availability, maintainability & safety. This solution is locally developed and produced as per global standards. The future lies with Bosch India for sustainable growth in various sectors and to develop Indian economy.





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