Virtual reality is the next frontier in Real estate


Are you looking to buy a home?  Or rather finding it difficult to locate a perfect house? Gone are the days when buyers had to fix an appointment with a local agent to inspect a property. These traditional methods have become passé.  Now you don’t need to visit the actual place to buy a house. The digital age has propelled advancements in the way that the real estate industry operates, and now buyers have access to the virtual houses in their price range at the simple click of a button.

India’s First Real Estate Experience Center

Magicbricks’ newly launched unique experience center is a first of its kind in the real estate sector. It is created to integrate virtual and reality world altogether. With the use of technology such as AR & VR, buyers will slip on a virtual reality headset and be transported to a home where they can wander from room to room and size up whether it feels right without actually visiting the place in reality.


Virtual Reality

It may sound weird but how about seeing how your under-construction home looks like?  While at the Magic Bricks experience center, simply put on the Virtual headset and easily move in and around your would-be flat. Check out all your rooms, bathrooms and balconies to plan where your bed and TV can be placed, which balcony you can enjoy your morning tea in or even planning space management. Moreover, take a view outside your room and balcony to understand whether you want to go for inside park facing flat or the outside street facing one. See the whole place inside and out to make a firm buying decision. You can navigate a virtual reality version of a home that is for sale, you can back-track, pause, pan around, zoom in and work out where your furniture will fit, which bathroom fittings, where your cupboard to be placed in the bedroom. The technology brings buyers a 360-degree view of the house and he can actually view his house, how far is the main entrance, check out a greenery, pool, interior etc. This technology allows buyers to feel as if they are moving seamlessly throughout the house.


Augmented reality

Augmented reality allows a prospective buyer to take an aerial view of the entire society. This helps in checking out multiple factors such as the location and distance of the flat with respect to the entry and exit as well as the lawn areas. In a nutshell, you get a feel of your dream home without being there.  So instead of zooming  in and out on Google Maps to see the neighbourhood, you can now easily check out nearby streets, every square foot of backyard, garage, kitchen and living room.

Magicbricks have done extensive research over the last 8 years and came up with all kinds of research pertaining to mitigate risks such as locality risk, project risk, developer risks. Now a buyer can know all about nearby areas, locality, a track record of a developer etc.

Match my needs

At the Magicbricks Experience Center, you can check commercial and residential properties, loan calculator, explore localities, property rates & trends, corridors of growth etc. Not only do you get average price trends over the last 6 months in a specific locality, but you can also explore top investment hotspots in Mumbai. What’s more interesting is that you get VR tour and all the details at one place and no need to wander around a number of places. You also get the option to calculate EMI where the loan calculator will tell you if you are eligible for a loan basis loan tenure, the current rate of interest, your existing loan commitments and current take home. The calculator then lets you know how much loan you are eligible for. If you want to check the review of specific locality such as Andheri west, you can see an overall review of this place with respect to the environment, connectivity, facilities, average price etc . The price trends of nearby areas and price history enable you to take a decision effectively.  There are more options you can check out at this experience center.

The seller gets an advantage by adding VR tool to a traditional method, one can more effectively connect with, and sell to buyers by ensuring that they see only the properties they want and every element of them.

Consumer benefits in terms of saving time, money and other resources by allowing complete mock-ups to be explored in three dimensions into 360-degree classical view.

The Magic Bricks Experience Center is located at Concourse 3 of the recently inaugurated Magicbricks Western Express Highway Metro station at Andheri. At the launch, Sudhir Pai, CEO,, said, “The Experience Center is a coming together of high-quality hardware and software that addresses very specific issues in the consumer’s property journey. We imagine that it would enhance the home-buying process to a different level. It celebrates our strengths in applying technology to solve real problems.”


Revolution in Real Estate Sector

With Magic Bricks Experience Center, realtors get cutting-edge over their competition and help them deliver true value to the masses who might not have the time or opportunity to see every property. If you’re looking for a home then head straight to the experience center, which is one of its kind initiative located at Western Express Highway Metro Station.

Take the virtual tour of the place and experience your new home in a new way. However, for a society that continues to embrace the convenience and efficiency that online shopping offers, it may be only a matter of time before leasing or buying real estate becomes as easy as shopping on Amazon.

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