Dear Zindagi’s Magical Moments in Singapore


Do you love traveling and exploring new culture? Why is travelling so important in life?   Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta .It let us open our minds to new things and get to experience life in different ways. Some moments you experience while traveling end up completely blowing you away, in ways you’d never have expected.  Singapore is one of the places which capture your heart, mind & imagination. It is an experience filled with enough memories and lessons learnt, to reflect & act upon. It will leave you wanting more and it is an experience worth for a lifetime.


Singapore Tourism board joined hands with Red Chillies Entertainment & Dharma Production to be associated as  Location partner for Dear Zindagi Movie.   As rightly said by Battuta, Aliaa’s opening scenes defined the character of the story  and  beautifully captured the sequences in Singapore.  Last Friday to give you a glimpse of Magical moments in Singapore Event was held at J.W.Marriot Hotel, Juhu . Aliaa Bhatt graced the occasion with Singapore Tourism Board and shared her experiences of shooting in Singapore.  Singapore being the top favourite destination for Bollywood  because of it’s beauty  tranquillity , great hospitality and peacefulness.


Mr G.B Srithar, Regional Director for South Asia, Middle East & Africa, Singapore Tourism Board said, “We are delighted to be associated with Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma Productions & Hope productions on their movie, ‘Dear Zindagi’. Singapore has long been a popular location for Bollywood movies, showcasing the city as an exciting and friendly destination to the Indian audiences. Movies play a major role in shaping people’s perceptions of the places featured. We are happy that the introduction of a lively Kaira, Alia’s character in the movie, takes place against Singapore’s dynamic cityscape. As a city known for year-round, action-packed excitement with top-rated attractions, vibrant retail scene, award-winning cuisine and a plethora of entertainment options, Singapore certainly offers ‘Zindagi’s many magical moments’ for our guests.”

Actress Aliaa Bhatt with Singapore Tourism Board members

Venky Mysore, CEO, Red Chillies Ent. Said, “Dear Zindagi tells the story of a young, budding cinematographer who shoots a film scene in Singapore. It’s an important scene since it introduces and establishes her character. We are happy to have partnered with Singapore Tourism Board for this unique association.”

If you haven’t watched it then go for it – Dear Zindagi is a youth-centric movie which deals with life, relationship, and goals and get a glimpse of breathtaking Singapore experience waiting to be discovered.


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