A culinary experience : World StrEAT Food in Mumbai


Are you planning to go Italy to have irresistible tiramisu or Turkey to get an old-world baklava? Or New York to taste the veggie French fries?  How about getting all at one place?  Yes, you read it right. The World StrEAT Food opened in Mumbai at Dalamal towers, Nariman point.

I was thrilled to try something new to my palate when I was invited for a Saturday brunch. I reached at around 12:30.I was the first one to enter the place, as the clock struck 1’o clock, office goers and business people started filling up. In a matter of few minutes, it was a full house.Definitely, this is the happening place and you will discover a world of flavour and choice at World Streat Food where you can try an array of different and exotic dishes from the Menu. Enjoy a wide spread of Japanese, Indonesian, Italian, Indian, Mexican, African, Srilankan, Australian & American cuisine.The hardest part is deciding which of their delicious dishes you’d like to try first!

I couldn’t wait more so let’s start with mocktails; I asked the hotel manager to suggest the best of the cocktails here so there it is:

Passion fruit sprinkler

Citrusy passion juice served with ice cubes makes a great accompaniment to spicy meals. With just the right amount of juice, water and flavourings, this should be the go-to drink for anyone looking to be refreshed on a hot day.

Raspberry ice tea

This colourful drink is infused with flavours of raspberry for a fruity drink that refreshes instantly. Ice cubes and lime slices add both flavour and aesthetic value.


We started off with Appetizers, Salads, Soups and Entrees

Som Tum Mamuang Salad

A delicious sweet and sour salad from Thailand featuring unripe mangoes and papaya dressed in a shallot, chilli and garlic sauce. I liked the raw papaya and it blends well with the raw mangoes that give a distinct taste.


Peri Peri Cottage Cheese Rollers

It was served with a tangy garlic aioli, this dairy treat from Namibia should appeal to cheese lovers everywhere. Peri Peri Cottage Cheese adds the requisite spiciness to this meal, allowing for an unmatched combination of flavours that will have you asking for more servings.

Veg  Sui Mai Dumpling Soup

Originating from Mongolia, this delicious soup is made with a variety of fresh ingredients and spices. Vegetables wrapped in won ton parcels are lightly steamed and served with a spicy soup to provide for a comforting and filling meal.

Rock Corn Tempura with spicy siracha mayo

This street food staple from Tokyo is made with corn kernels, corn starch, flour, oil and a variety of other ingredients. Siracha mayo provides a spicy dipping sauce to accompany the crunchy and floury treat. So far this dish was the best of the lot.

Lotus root dumpling

Another delicious offering from Mongolia, Lotus root dumplings combine grated lotus root, shiitake mushrooms and spices and other seasonings for a chewy and tasty treat that can be eaten on its own or accompanied by sauces of your choice. I must say you can’t ignore this dumpling that will leave you craving for more.

Veggie French Fries with a variety of accompaniments

Crunchy, crispy and delicious French fries are a New York staple. Here they are paired with sour cream, cheese sauce, spring onion and plum tomato salsa for a combination that is bursting with flavour. In fact, NY fries were simply hot and spicy, I am going to be back just for this one.

Veg Bunny Chow

Hailing from South Africa, this street food features scooped out bread filled with a delicious vegetarian curry of your choice. Switching up the vegetables used allows for a variety of flavours in this meal that is both easy to prepare and filling to boot.

Veg Kottu Roti

Sri Lanka’s contribution to street fare is the quintessential Asian flat bread (roti) topped with a variety of vegetables cooked in spices. The roti is chopped and mixed with the cooked vegetables for a quick and filling meal that can be enjoyed anytime.

Veg Satay Kentang

Satay potatoes are cooked in onion and paprika and served with the house satay sauce. Crunchy and tasty, these delicious potato snacks from Indonesia will fly off your plate.

Veg Won Ton cups

This popular Chinese dish combines spicy corn, water chestnuts and mushrooms which are then cooked to perfection for your enjoyment. Vegetarian won ton cups make for a quick and tasty appetiser before moving on to heavier meals.

Veg Texan Chipotle Paneer Taco

Featuring a soft shell taco, lime and spicy salsa and pico de gallo, this vegetarian take on a popular Texan street meal is both filling and delicious. Paneer cheese adds a creamy flavour to the whole ensemble.

My tummy was almost full but as you know brunch is incomplete without dessert . There were plentiful of options but we went by the Chef recommendation.


Italian Tiramisu

This multilayered delicacy features ladyfingers soaked in coffee liqueur and layered with several other desserts. Soft, light, creamy and delicious, tasting tiramisu should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Turkish Baklava

This Turkish street staple is a pastry filled with nuts and almonds. It is sweetened with honey or syrup and makes for a delicious, fluffy and flaky dessert.

Three flavoured pannacotta

Panna cotta is a creamy Italian dessert thickened with dessert and moulded into various shapes. Three flavours allow for a sampling of multiple tastes, resulting in a dessert that will seem to fly off your dessert dish.

Spiced chocolate mousse (Kopuk)

A cardamom flavoured and coffee spiked cream, this chocolate mousse from turkey is as decadent as they come. As rich as this dessert is, sharing with a friend might be the best option for maximum enjoyment.

Philadelphia cheesecake

This perfect North American dessert is a must for creamy dessert lovers everywhere. Cream cheese, graham crumbs and a variety of other ingredients combine to create a dessert that is unmatched in taste and texture.


I really had an amazing time at World StrEAT Food, if you’re a foodie then I can assure you gonna have yummilicious time over here.

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