Sanjha Chulha Festival – Celebrating the Love of Food


Punjabi food is loved by everyone. The unique and delicious taste makes the experience of having the food the best and enticing one. Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel – Powai has taken a special initiative of combining the love of Punjabi food by arranging this “Sanjha Chulha Festival” at the authentic Indian restaurant “Nawab Saheb”.

The roots of Sanjha Chulha belongs to the rich culture of Punjab where people would live with harmony and unity in a community and women would share a common kitchen for cooking purposes. Hence the term “Sanjha Chulha” came up with, which literally means “Shared Kitchen”.

A variety of tempting dishes having the taste and authenticity of Punjab are presented in this festival. Delicious appetizers, sumptuous main course, and the mouth-watering dessert make up this amazing food experience. Let’s have a look at the dishes offered in the festival and the value they offered.


The appetizer consists of some luscious that are surely going to taste buds ask for more. The delicious Kasuri Paneer Tikka made of cottage cheese, mint, chili and loads of cheese gives a true Punjabi flavor to it. The appetizer menu also includes chounk ki tikki and bharwan kumbh. Chounk ki Tikki brings the traditional potato galette of Punjab a new taste and look, whereas bharwan Kumbh mixes up some of the most delicious items such as mushrooms (cooked in tandoor), cheese, onion, pepper, and raisins.

Kasuri Paneer Tikka
Kathal Seekh

Chounk ki Tikki
Bharwan Kumbh

Main Course

Coming to the main course, it comprises of some scrumptious food items i.e. Paneer Kadhai, Sarson ka saag, and daal makhani etc. Each dish exudes the true flavor of Punjab. Paneer Kadhai is made of smoked cheese, Kasuri methi, peppers, and cashew nut. It is one of the most favorite foods of Punjabis and those who love Punjabi food. Sarson ka saag is hugely popular and is a true identity of Punjabi food in the whole wide world. Dal Makhni gives you the most pleasurable taste of urad dal cooked in home churned butter giving it a soft texture and a taste you will never forget.


Who doesn’t love Gulaab jamuns? One of the most loved sweets in not only Punjabi but the whole of the world, Gulaab Jamuns that are offered in this festival make for a perfect dessert to please your sweet tooth. Gulab Jamuns are made with freshly curd milk, khoya, sugar, ghee, and dry fruits are used for garnishing to give them a tempting look and the perfect taste.

Gulab Jamun

Save some space for the unique taste of paan masala in the end that you will be served to enjoy the essence of Punjabi food in a complete manner. Betel leaf garnished with areca nuts, glazed cherries, and other distinct ingredients will give you the most memorable taste of your life. I bet you will not be able to resist having another one.

Paan Masala

The festival holds significance in bringing and spreading the true essence of Punjabi flavor. The professional chefs at Nawab Saheb use the earthenware utensils in order to enhance the flavor of the food and maintain the essence of the Punjab.

Forget all your diet plans for a day and give yourself this most memorable experience of having the most delicious and mouth-watering Punjabi food at “Sanjha Chulha” festival.