The Fabelle Chocolates Launch At ITC Grand Maratha Hotel Mumbai


The Fabelle Chocolate launch at ITC Grand Maratha Hotel Mumbai happened on the 21st of January, 2017 and worked to create a long lasting impression on the masses. India has a huge and unique culinary culture which combines both exotic and a diverse range of cuisines. Keeping this in mind, Fabelle opened its very exclusive chocolate boutique in Mumbai in order to showcase some of the best and most luxurious brand of chocolates in the country.

Fabelle Chocolate Boutique @ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai

Fabelle Chocolates are a leading name in the industry and have been working their way on the top for more than one reason. These are finely crafted chocolates that work to provide a taste of uniqueness and luxury to customers worldwide. ITC has worked to make sure it brings the people of India a taste of exemplariness by offering the Fabelle chocolates.

Fabelle is a unique name in the industry and its products have been crafted by a congruence of international chefs together along with the ITC master chocolatier in order to come with the finest quality ingredients for its products. The chocolates have been made using various different ingredients from across the globe.

With its very unique set of launches at ITC Maratha and ITC central in Mumbai, Fabelle wants to work to ensure that it impresses and impresses the masses well.

It was a pleasure to see the range of chocolates offered by Fabelle at its launch at ITC Grand Maratha Hotel. From the Fabelle Elements to the Fabelle Ganache, you can experience a taste of a little bit of everything with the Fabelle chocolates. Moreover, for those who want a little personalized touch of everything, Fabelle offers the Fabelle As You Like It, in which you can find personalized chocolate cup creations, the Fabelle Single Origin Cocoas, single origin bars made from different cocoas and that have a distinct flavor and the Fabelle Gianduja, a unique recreation of Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era that comes with a unique mix of hazelnuts and creamy milk chocolate.

Fabelle Single Origin Cacaos
Fabelle Elements – (L-R): Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Wood
Fabelle Ganache – Creamy milk, Rich Dark, Rich dark with Apple & Cinnamon

What I truly believe in is the fact that each of Fabelle’s chocolate has been extensively tested in order to deliver perfection. ITC, therefore, has worked to set up a unique state of the art facility with the best of technologies in order to manufacture the leading chocolate brand in the industry, Fabelle chocolates in India.

Personalized Chocolate cupcakes “As you like it”

It was truly an amazing experience to create your own chocolate cup So here’s my personalised Chocolate cup- Monish Chandan likes it; It’s a filling of berry preserves and white creme, garnished with Cocoa nibs and sprinkled with arabica coffee making it an ultimate combination for chocolate lovers.

Visiting the Fabelle Launch at ITC Grand Maratha Hotel made me realize how authentic an experience Fabelle is bringing to the table. A great incomparable chocolate experience, the Fabelle chocolates at ITC Grand are something that will appeal to the masses in every capacity. Overall, the launch of Fabelle at ITC Grand Maratha Hotel Mumbai was a unique one and a pleasure to visit.

It is also believed that the Fabelle launch in India will work wonders for the masses, especially those who love chocolates and want a unique and special brand of chocolates to meet their fancy tastes.


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