The Good You Can: An Initiative By 100 Pipers

100 pipers, The good you can

It is surprising to see as to the amount of damage we can bring to things and the environment around us just by doing little things. In our day to day lives, we unconsciously do so much that impinges the lives of us and the people around us. For instance, the fumes of a standing car can omit so much gas and other chemicals that it can damage the forests and other things around us.

If we are talking about the bad that we do on a daily basis, we need to shed some light on the good that we can do to prevent this from happening. This is where The Good You Can by 100 Pipers comes in.

100 Pipers India delivers a strong message of goodness that we can add to our daily routines to help our environment and the little changes that we can add in order to preserve it. 100 Pipers have started its initiative of protecting the environment and the good that we can do by bringing little and subtle changes as well as new and modern tweaks to our daily routine.

Their initiatives are motivational and prompt the user to do the following:

  • Think twice about how we are using our things, what we do and inform us about how our actions can unconsciously damage the environment around us. This provokes a sense of curiosity within us that might want us to change our ways to do good for the environment.
  • Their ventures also prompt us to avoid things that are bad for the environment. Rather than focusing on things that are harmful, we can divert our attention towards things that are good for the environment in order to preserve it and make sure that our actions contribute positively to the overall environment and our surroundings.
  • They make sure that we are not idle or in fact, we are making sure that we stand up for what we believe in, in order to promote a greater good.

The whole point of 100 Pipers is to bring good to the environment. They push us to make sure that we watch our actions and push us towards making sure that we do the best for our surroundings in every possible way. The takeaway from 100 Pipers and their initiative is to focus on the good and what little actions we can do in order to make sure that we do contribute our best to the environment.

The videos by 100 Pipers are also very relatable from a layman point of view because there are so many things that we neglect on a daily basis such as leaving the tap on when using water amongst all other things that we do. These are things that we do on a daily basis, consciously and unconsciously. Therefore, these videos generate a sense of curiosity for us and push us to do good, achieve good and then settle for good as well.


The initiative by 100 Pipers will work to ensure that we become better humans and we do good as good is the sword that can bring wellness to us and people around us in more than one way. Finally, the biggest inspiration and motivation from all of these videos is to save the environment, do good on a daily basis, work your best to ensure you bring love and subtlety in your actions and an overall sense of good will ensue.