Berger XP Bloggers Meet Up

berger xp bloggers meet up

There is nothing denying the importance of home in the life of any person. People don’t build just buildings to live in, they make dream houses. Everybody love their home and the best way to express the love is by painting the home with the ideal colors.

Berger Paints recently arranged Berger Express Painting Indiblogger’s Meeting. It was not just a meet-up, it was more of a festival. Arranged at Vivanta by Taj, the event was started by Mr. Chandranath Banerjee, Service Head, Express Painting who briefed on Berger Paint “Express Painting”. He also discussed the innovation in painting services and new trends and how these services and trends are benefitting the customers.

At the event, the groups of 7-8 people were made and given a topic to paint. I was a part of “The Team Better” and the fun I had cannot be expressed in words. We were given a topic “Mumbai Diaries”. We showcased vibrant and true Mumbaikar’s busy life surrounded by historic monuments in Mumbai. We experienced the pleasure of playing with colors and giving life to imaginations.


At the event, we got to know about the Home Painting Services which Berger Paints are providing. Currently, there are two types of Home Painting services.

  • Berger Express Painting Gold
  • Berger Express Painting Platinum

No matter what service you choose, it will accompany with some scintillating benefits. Some of the best benefits of Berger Express Painting Services are:

  • Dust Free Sanding
  • Quick Service – Faster Completion of the Job, always on the given time
  • Less Wastage of Materials – Makes it a cost-effective option
  • Better Finish – To give your home a nice look
  • Trained Staff – The trained painters make sure that your walls carry the best paint with the best finishing

These services are being provided using the latest state-of-the-art tools i.e. Express Painting Tools. The Airless Paint Sprayer makes sure that only the paint gets to the wall and the airless technology makes the coat thick and prevents it from coming off the wall. It is used to paint large areas. It is best for all types of paints including the water-based paints and it provides uniform finish across the wall.

The next tool that is used in Express Painting service is the Auto Roller. Auto roller has an adjustable roller that prevents dripping. It is used to give a superior finish. Not only it is a cost saving option but it also makes sure that the job gets completed on the prescribed time.

Why Choose Berger Paints

“Berger Paints” is the name of quality. It is a leading paint brand that gives life to the walls and your home. These are not only affordable but also long-lasting so you don’t have to spend more money on getting your home painted again and again. The stain resistant technology of Berger Paints makes it superior to other paints. Stains can be cleaned easily. Berger Paints make your walls tell a different story about your home. The HD colors will make you love your home more and no one would be able to resist praising your home.

At the end of the event, I and all others were convinced why Berger is not painting homes but painting lives beautifully. Thanks to Berger Paints that I got the golden chance to meet other talented bloggers and attend such a colorful event.


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