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Persian food festival hotel Sahara star namak

Have you ever tried the Persian cuisine? If not, then you are given a chance to try the best Persian cuisine in Mumbai. The famous Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai with the collaboration of Chef Mona Nehzad conducted a Persian Food Festival and curated by Chef Rehmaan Mujeebur that is held in Namak Restaurant. Chef Mona is a renowned chef from Iran that specializes in the Iranian style of cooking. The festival started on 24th February and will end on 12th March 2017.

Persian cuisine is now known as Iranian cuisine, is full of strong scents and flavors. In modern times, the Persian cuisines are becoming popular rapidly.  All the dishes were made from the food traditions and cooking methods of Iranians.

As you step into the restaurant you are taken to the land of Persia. The interior is well-lit with candles and air is filled with soulful instrumental of Persian music. The dishes served at the Persian Food Festival were tasty and scrumptious.

Let’s take a look at the luscious dishes that are offered at the Persian Food Festival.


The starters include a drink Zafrani Sherbet and a soup Ghogeh E Jao. The Zafrani Sherbet is a refreshing and sweet drink that is made from saffron, sugar syrup and rose water.

Zafrani Sherbet
Ghogeh E Jao Soup

Ghogeh E Jao is a soup made from tomato, barley, carrots with the chunks of boiled potatoes. When you sip it, the tanginess of the soup touches then the spicy flavor takes over. This unique Ghogeh E Jao soup that was very tasty.


Appetizers consist of some mouthwatering dishes such as Zafrani Paneer Kabab, Falafel Abadan, and Mavoha Tanur. The Zafrani Paneer Kabab is made from the cottage cheese that is marinated with saffron, olive oil, and pistachio. It was not heavily marinated, it was simple but delicious and the cheese was so fresh that it melted in the mouth.

Falafel Abadan, Zafrani Paneer Kabab, and Mavoha Tanur

Moreover, the Falafel Abadan is a fried patty of chickpeas, onions, garlic, cumin, and flour. They were very crisp and had a balanced flavor. Apart from this, the Mavoha Tanur is a dish of mixed fruits marinated with somac powder and grill. The sweetness of fruits and smokiness of tandoor was magical.

Main Course

The main course list includes some divine dishes like Paneer Fasanjah, Dal Adas, and Kashk E Bademjan. The Paneer Fasanjah is made from diced cottage simmered with pomegranate, powdered walnuts, and mild spices. This was one of the most scrumptious dishes.

Paneer Fasanjah

Dal Adas

Dal Adas is black lintels concocted with potato, somac and olive oil. This is a unique, simple and spicy dish that served with rice or side of bread.

Kashk E Bademjan is popular Persian dish made from eggplant, dry milk, onion, walnut, and saffron. Kashk is a yogurt product that is traditionally made from strained yogurt. It is served with bread or pita wedges.

Kashk E Bademjan
Bademjan Pulao

Bademjan Pulao is flavoured rice with Irani saffron, Egg plant, sliced potatoes, carrot, and peas.It’s very mild taste but decent flavors.

Zaffrani Phirni

Zaffrani Phirni is a rich creamy rice pudding flavored with saffron, nuts, pista and almonds. A perfect way to end the meal.

Do you want to try some lip-smacking Persian dishes and want to experience some culinary magic? Visit the Persian Food Festival at the Hotel Sahara and taste the delicacies of Iran.


Restaurant Name: NAMAK
Event Dates: From 24th February to 12th March 2017
Timings: 12:30pm to 03:00pm & 07:00 pm to Midnight
Pricing: Special Persian set menu (Veg) Rs. 2000+Taxes=Rs.2390
Special Persian set menu (Non-Veg) Rs. 2200+Tax=Rs.2429

For More Info & Booking : 02230987912

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