Importance of Repair Solutions for Different Surfaces and Structures

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A house is built with boards and beams; a home is built with love and dreams. Dr. Fixit organized a healthy panel discussion on “ Building a healthy  Society” with esteemed panelists  Mr. Ramesh Parabhu ( Chairman, (MSWA), Mr.Pankaj Shah ( Repair Consultant), Dr. Prakash Mathur ( Director, Dr.Fixit Institute), Ms. Kanika Bawa, ( Celebrity Architect & Installation Artist ). The discussion was focused on the importance of buildings being kept healthy and how we can mitigate the risk and maintain the building’s health. That’s when Structural Audit comes in place.

Structural Audit is an overall health check-up of the building to ensure it is safe and contains no risks. Because of the structural audit, it is discovered that around 15 – 16 thousand cooperative societies in Mumbai need urgent repairs. The main reasons for this deterioration are water leakage and natural disasters. In spite of strict municipal regulations regarding the structural audit, the basic challenge is to make citizens aware of the importance of repairs to keep the buildings healthy. Buildings need repairs because weather conditions, leakage of water, substandard construction, and unnecessary renovations cause structural damage to the building.

The society needs to be aware that water seepage causes corrosion; it breaks the concrete to reach the steel and weakens the structure. With periodic repairs, the building is preserved and the strength of the building to withstand the conditions increases to a significant extent.

Different surfaces need different sort of repairs. You cannot repair the floor and walls with the same material or techniques. It is the job of the professionals who know it better how to preserve and maintain the original form of the building or surface with repairs. There is nothing that can deny the importance of repairs for deteriorated buildings. It is not only important for the health and condition of the building but also for the families and people residing in them.

If you are looking for building repair solution providers, you can choose Dr. Fixit. There are tons of reasons why someone should acquire the services of Dr. Fixit. Dr. Fixit has a team of highly skilled and professional workers. They use new and improved methods and techniques of repairing different surfaces. For buildings weakened by water leakage, Dr. Fixit being a waterproofing expert provides end to end repairs and waterproofing solutions. The repairs are of the highest quality that preserves the building and the surface in its original form.

Dr. Fixit is committed to providing the solutions along with the right diagnosis of the problem. Building maintenance requires the right diagnostic tools and the right technical knowhow. They provide unique specialized solutions for each surface area as one solution cannot fit all of them. The repairing techniques they are using are unique. They are providing a cost effective solution to all the public at large because safety is for all.

Dr. Fixit is providing consultancy services to water leakage concerns to people building their own homes on their website. These include roof waterproofing, water tank waterproofing, and structure waterproofing. The solution they are providing is the best among all and prevents water from seeping through the surfaces and damaging the building. It is wise to choose Dr. Fixit solutions to maintain the health of the building and keep the family secure. Being a guardian, you should keep your family secure against building threats and Dr. Fixit is the best safeguard you can utilize.



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