It’s the Doctors Who Need Care in India


    Comparison with factory workers, hit and humiliated by the public, termed as “shameless” – this is the treatment the doctors, who are the actual life savers, are receiving in India. One expects certain outrage from the general public if they lose their beloved; however, it is still not acceptable but such things coming from the mouths of renowned personalities is not only baffling but downright demeaning.

    As many as 53 doctors have been attacked in last two years, and not a single conviction has taken place. Letting alone the convictions, the government isn’t willing to understand the safety concerns of the doctors and have blatantly refused to provide them security.

    Recently four incidents happened in one week in Maharashtra where Doctors were brutally assaulted and no action has been taken.

      The respected Chief Justice of Bombay High Court, who is responsible for providing the justice of public, has openly asked the doctors to resign from their duties for the simple demand of asking for security and protection. However, in the event of an attack on judicial officers, Justice Sikri strongly condemned the act and took strict actions in lieu of those attacks for the security of the judicial officers. If this not defines hypocrisy, we don’t know what does.

    The main problem lies in understanding. If a patient loses their life, the doctors are not the only ones responsible for it.
     All such issues have been reported to the officials and management but not much heed has been paid to take care of this matter.

    Many people complain about the attitude of the doctors, they need to understand that they are also humans; human beings with feelings and desires. Their bodies and mind are like normal human beings that need proper rest after working. They have a family to support and take care of. With the excessively long working hours and their lives being at risk, you cannot expect them to accept whatever is thrown at them with smile and gratitude.

    With the surgeries being postponed due to the recent strike of doctors in Maharashtra, it is surely causing inconvenience to patients. However, it is not the doctors who are responsible for the mess that has been created but the management. In a country where the politicians, celebrities, even the criminals move around with security; the demand of security of doctors is simply not “shameful” or outrageous. 

    The long and short of this story is that doctors should be treated as normal human beings, not like angels. The Government should pay heed to their demands and provide them with adequate security measures so that they could serve the humanity in a better way. To put it simply, care for the doctors so that they could care for you.