Celebrating Thai New Year- Songkran Festival at Renaissance Hotel,Powai


Are you a fan of Thai food? Tired of looking for great Thai food in Mumbai? Head to Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel where delectable Thai cuisine will be served. The in-house Asian restaurant, Emperors Court celebrates Songkran Festival from 8th April till 15th April 2017.

You must go the Emperors Court for scrumptious and delicious food. All the Thai dishes are prepared by Chef Cham and his team. For bring a more Thai touch, the décor is decked with traditional Thai décor. Along with this, the seating is family style, so families can enjoy and have a quality time.

Let’s take a look at the dishes that are served at the Songkran Festival.


Starting with the appetizers Poh Pia Thard was very delicious and flavorful. It is fresh vegetable spring rolls with brown garlic, mint leaf, and vermicelli. The Thai-style fresh rolls are known as Poh Pia that is a Chinese word.


We had Som Tom Salad, it is one of the most renowned salads in Thailand.  This is a Northeastern food that is mostly eaten with a sticky rice. This salad includes a tangy young papaya, snake bean salad, spicy sour dressing, peanuts, and vegetables. This perfect blend of green papaya and chilies is very delicious.


Moving on to soups, the Tom Kha Je was very luscious. It is a soup cooked in coconut milk that is seasoned with lemon juice. The herbs scented creamy coconut soup contains mushrooms, vegetables, and lemon juice.

Main Course

Next coming towards the main course. There were many scrumptious Thai delicacies. The first dish we tried was Phak Yad Maprow Himmapan. It is a Stir fried palm heart with water chestnut, cashew, and sweet basil. The palm of heart makes a great addition to the dish and adds a savory touch.

The next dish in line was Phad Phak Siracha. This is a recipe that is great for seasonal vegetables. This is dish is basically wok tossed exotic vegetables with siracha chili sauce. The siracha sauce is a hot sauce that is made from the paste of chili peppers, vinegar, salt, and sugar. This dish is best for all the spicy food lovers.

Another great dish was the Thai Green Curry. It was spicy, sweet, savory and aromatic all at the same time. The green curry’s key ingredients are cilantro root or stem and green chilies. It is important to balance the flavors of the curry. Other ingredients are coconut milk and palm sugar.

The last dish was Khom hom mall. This is Jasmine rice and the rice was very delicious. The rice is naturally fragrant and has a mellow and nutty flavor.


No meal is complete without a dessert. For the dessert, Khao Neeo Mamuang was served. It is Mango sliced with sweet rice and other ingredients are coconut milk, salt, and sugar. The dessert was mouth-watering and pleasant.

Enjoy the Thai delicacies with your family by visiting the Emperors Court.

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