The Dream that Turned into Reality

Edelweiss Tokia Life insurance

From the early age, he had the responsibility on his shoulders of supporting his family. Being the only son of his parents and only brother of three younger sisters, he was burdened with the responsibilities of earning and taking care of his family members. He had to kill many of his dreams in the pursuit of satisfying some of the needs of his family. The meagre income of his father, which was the sole support of their house, was a big obstacle in achieving the aims he had set for himself.

One of the major dreams he wanted to live was to study abroad. He wanted to study in some renowned colleges/university of the world for his higher studies so that he could land a job that will eliminate all their poverty issues. However, due to the financial situation of his house, his dream of studying abroad looked far from the reality. He had young siblings, for whom, the basic education would have become difficult if he had pursued his dream.

Despite being an excellent student, he had to let go of his dream due to the betterment of his family. This wasn’t the only dream he wasn’t able to translate into reality because of the scarcity of sources. The bicycle his friend had when they were in school or the smartphone his best friend used to flaunt in university, he also wanted to own all these items but couldn’t do so because of the obvious reasons.

Time passed by and things didn’t change. He studied at the local college and university while doing part jobs and evening tuition classes for supporting his father to earn the bread and butter for his home. Ultimately his hard work paid off and he got a job with handsome salary package. Times changed but struggles didn’t; his parents got him married and this started a new phase of life. He now had an additional responsibility to take care of.

When his first son was born, he wanted him to live all the dreams he had to forego. He did not want him to face the struggles and hardships he had to go through. He started looking for the options that could reap long-term benefits for his family as he did not want history to repeat itself and land his son in the same position as he was in. His aim was not only to get him educated in a renowned foreign country but to fulfill all his dreams.

The idea was to accumulate the wealth, preserve it, and utilize it. The process may seem difficult otherwise,

but purchasing the insurance from Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Ultima made things easier for him.

The plan is designed keeping in mind consumers’ priority of creating long-term wealth and protection against the uncertainties of life. The unique feature of this policy is that it comes with a Little Champ Benefit which means in the case of the unfortunate demise of the policyholder, the policy continues, and the policyholder’s child receives the policy benefits as planned. Opt for Little Champ Option to make sure that your child’s future needs are taken care of even in your absence.

The best feature of Wealth Ultima plan is that it helps you multiply your money with the power of three – SMP (systematic Money Plan), STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) and SWP (Systematic withdrawal Plan).  At the time of maturity, you will receive three additional bonuses to increase your fund value- loyalty additions, Guaranteed Additions and booster additions.Not only it provides flexibility to the customers to design a customised solution but also to manage their investments during the life cycle of the policy.

The plan is designed keeping in mind consumers’ priority of generating long-term wealth and safety  against the ambiguities of life.



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