Staycation at Soma Vineyard

Soma Vineyard

Another one of my staycations was at Soma Vineyard. The two-day trip was basically a chance to try the wines of this amazing vineyard built by Mr. Pradeep Pach Patil. The 7 BHK Villa with a private pool was a thing to behold. The excitement and curiosity were started immediately in Mumbai from where I intended to start my travels to this majestic vineyard.

Soma Vineyard


The first day was started when I left from Mumbai through a road trip to Nashik. To honor tradition we had breakfast at McDonald’s which was situated on the highway. The rest of the trip to Soma was fulfilled and very exciting.

We reached the beautiful Soma by 1 pm and the fun was just about to begin. The visit to the vineyard was first on our agenda and it is there when we met with Mr. Pradeep Pach Patil. Mr. Patil is the owner of the Soma wines and is a man of experience and many fascinating tales and stories. The interaction was unsurprisingly very pleasant and a fun evening was experienced through Mr. Patil’s company.

Soma Vine Village is something other than a picturesque property. The pleasant property houses three manors, a winery, two multi-cooking eateries, two meeting lobbies Somras and the White Room and Madeira, a private feasting ignoring the rich green vineyards.

Soma Vineyard

The winery is situated behind the eatery complex and this is the place Soma wines are made and safeguarded. Soma Vine Village offers an interesting perspective of the grand vineyard where one can entertain yourself with the peace and serenity of the surroundings alongside some incredible wines.

Soma Vineyard


The property is very huge and the rooms are luxurious with Vineyard view and Garden facing. Also, the 3BHK and 7 BHK Villas are very spacious with a private pool making your holiday dream come in true style.







The second day was our fun day. Cheese and wine tasting was on our checklist initially and we fully exercised our right by attending the tastings. We then attended a workshop where I learnt wine pairing. Wine pairing is basically the art of knowing which food goes well with what kind of wine.

Soma Vineyard


One of the best wines I, and I’m sure that many others, have tastes was the award winning Rosse Dessert wine. Its luscious taste simply grasps its drinker and does not let go. A rich taste combined with an articulate blend makes it a must buy for wine enthusiasts all over the world.

Soma Vineyard


There wines are carefully assembled by their winemaker, Mr. Pradeep Pach Patil and evaluated for unprecedented esteem. In 2006, he assembled a farmhouse on a 10 hectare arrive with a private pool. This was when proposals began pouring into lease the place to voyagers who might want to spend a day or two near the vineyards.

Soma Vineyard




Finally, it was time to say our goodbyes and we left for Mumbai in the evening with a heavy heart but filled with an unforgettable time.