Cochlear Implants-The best way to go from silence to sounds

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Do you want the best for your loved one suffering from hearing loss? Do you want your loved one to be able to talk and laugh and live without compromise? Do you want them to have every opportunity they deserve to have in life? A Cochlear Implant may be the right solution for them that will help them enter the fascinating world of sounds.

Cochlear Implant is an electronic medical device that performs the function of the cochlea, an organ in the inner ear. It delivers the sound signals to the hearing nerve.

Cochlear implants can help people with the following problems:

  • Profound hearing loss since birth.
  • A profound hearing loss where people receive no or less benefit from hearing aids.
  • Hearing loss caused due to external factors. E.g. Medication, health conditions etc.

Mostly when people decide to go in for a Cochlear Implant, they get a unilateral implant (Only in one ear). However, a bilateral implant is always advisable so that one has the ability to identify the direction of the sound and avoid stressing too much on one ear.


Take a look how Cochlear Implants work and why they are the best choice for your loved one.

Video: How CI Works.


How Does it Work

There are plenty of people who suffer from hearing loss because the hair cells that are present in the cochlea are damaged. The implant allows the sound to be transmitted to your hearing nerve and then on to your brain. As a result of this, you are able to hear clearly.

You wear a sound processor. The processor catches the sound and transforms it into digital code. After that, the processor sends the digitally coded sound to the implant. Next implant converts the coded sound into an electrical impulse. The impulse is sent along the electrode array inside the cochlea. Then the implant’s electrodes stimulate the hearing nerve. It sends the impulses to the brain, there they are interpreted as sound. The processor functions with a help of a battery.

Cochlear Implant Is the best Choice

Today, hearing is the only human sense that can be bought back by technology. For the hearing impaired, being able to hear again and communicate normally is not a dream anymore. It has been brought to reality by Cochlear India.


A Cochlear Implant allows you to only hear. However, it is only after you hear clearly can you speak clearly. Hence, a Cochlear Implant is a solution to not just one human ability but two. This device makes grasping the spoken language and other sounds easy for people with profound hearing loss. You can use electronic devices like phones easily. Not just that, once you get a Cochlear Implant nothing stops you from following your passion. You can trek, swim, watch movies, stay outdoors and do every activity that your body allows you to.

The only part one needs to work on after getting the implant done is the speech therapy. The implant helps you hear, but just like how an infant learns to talk and pronounce right, even a cochlear implantee needs to make effort to learn the spoken language and get fluent.

Let me end the article with a strong message – If you know anyone suffering from hearing loss, I urge you to make them aware of the hearing solutions that are provided by Cochlear. This will not only change their lives but also open them to new avenues where they can explore their potential to the fullest.



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